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Posted on April 11th, 2008 by maitreya. Filed under Fun with Lab Supplies, Jewelry, Resin.

I’m moving to Seattle in a month, so one of the many things on the todo list is to use up all my unshippable resin. What a good idea for a craft night. :) Besides these ones, we also embedded buttons and coins, and I played around with layering colors with only slightly better results than last time. I’m mainly having trouble getting a flat first layer. Anyway, these are my favorites from the night:

My friend Matt embedded some bits from a circuit board. I like the LEDs best.


Another great model railroad figure one made by my friend Dannie. I love the composition.


Creepy little Mizna Wada girls from some stationery.


I really like these, colored with pastels and molded with a 96-well plate (finally found one flexible enough!) I have plans for necklaces and rings with these, if I can ever find any ring blanks I like.


These are some silver findings from a bead store. They have little holes on each side, which are too small for the resin to leak from; I didn’t think to put a headpin through the hole until I’d already poured in the resin. :P



* failed resin experiments

Posted on March 13th, 2008 by maitreya. Filed under Experiments, Resin.

Mostly for my own future reference: Normal poly 96-well plates don’t release resin. Not even 12-well plates are flexible enough. Also, mix the pastel dust into the resin before you pipette it into a small mold, because otherwise it’s really hard to resuspend.


* fun with resin

Posted on December 26th, 2007 by maitreya. Filed under Experiments, Jewelry, Resin.

My sister got me casting resin for Christmas, and boy did we have a fun time with it. Look at all this stuff we made. I’ve been wanting to try resin for a while (ye olde craftlog archives say since 2004!), and it is as fun and cool as I’d hoped. Comment with any favorite/inspirational resin links because I’m definitely hooked.

We tried all sorts of stuff for molds, and shockingly everything worked except for a tiny petri dish (I have a feeling a larger petri dish might still work because it’s more flexible), a very rigid contact lens case, and a thin plastic candy mold (which sort of worked except that I had to destroy the mold to get the thing out, see below). No mold release for anything, though 15 minutes in the freezer helped considerably for some of them.

My favorite one, a piece of Japanese fabric in a ~1.5×2 inch mold. Kind of Amy Ruppel-ish, no?


My favorite one that Ariel made, a zombie in a ~.5x.75 inch dollar store pill box mold with fabric background and a vintage model railroad figurine.


The pill boxes were really good molds. This one has a piece of washi paper embedded.


And these ones are buttons. Ariel is going to make a bracelet from them.


Another good mold idea I got from Crafters Coast to Coast is a plastic paint palette. The embeds are a carefully cut out fabric flower and a 1 inch punch from my 2007 Snow and Graham calendar. I am in love with the fabric flower.


plastic flowers


A candy mold with a plastic flower embed. The resin kind of melted or reacted or who knows what with the mold and I had to cut it off. Because of this, the surface is not as smooth as the others, but I think it’ll look great after some sanding.


My mom also got me a box of chalk pastels to use for coloring. They seemed to work, though I have to pay better attention to adding only really fine dust. There are a few clumps or bigger pieces in them. The cubes have one layer clear, one layer colored, but it’s hard to see. I think if I pour them deeper next time they’ll look super cool, kind of like plastic versions of P1 Unless Otherwise Noted’s awesome glass jewelry. The upper left one was molded in a contact lens case and you can see the starburst pattern in it. It looks like a piece of candy.


Now to drill holes in them all. :)



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