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Posted on April 16th, 2003 by maitreya. Filed under Projects with Instructions, Sewing/Fabric Crafts.

Another one from before I started this log. Man, duvet covers are expensive! I got Mark a feather comforter for Christmas last year, and the covers are rediculous. Sewing together 2 sheets works pretty well (I swear I did this before Martha suggested it). I got 2 king sheets (of different colors, oooh reversible) on sale at Ikea and spread them out on the floor. Then I laid the comforter on top and pinned the two sheets together around the periphery to get the size right. If you use the finished edges for 1 of the sides, then you won’t have to hem up the edges of the hole. Sew it up on three sides, and on the 4th sew in from each corner about a quarter of the length, strengthening the seam where it stops before the hole. Cut off excess material from along the seams. At each corner, on the seam allowance, sew down the middle of an 8 inch length of ribbon to make ties. (It turns out that I rarely use this feature of the duvet cover.) Turn right side out. Unless you used the finished sides of the sheet, you’ll have to finish the edges of the hole to avoid fraying. I sewed sections of ribbon along the hole as fasteners, but they don’t tend to stay tied real well. I will probably use buttons on the next one. Finally, stuff your comforter into the cover, tie the corners with the corner ties, and tie up the hole.

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