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Posted on February 6th, 2005 by maitreya. Filed under Sewing/Fabric Crafts.

I first noticed pucchimaiko on Craftster and Craftgrrl because we were both making stuff from the Omiyage book. My favorite things from her are her wonderful Japanese flower pins and hair ornaments: thread1 thread2 thread3. It turns out that they are pretty easy to make. Beastbunny posted a tutorial that’s really useful. Once you get the basic folding trick, it’s pretty straightforward to improvise. My petals, for example, stop at step 4 (i.e., without folding up the side wings). I think it looks cleaner that way. I also added a bit of glue to keep the petals together and glued a circle of felt on the back.

I used vintage kimono silk I got a while back from Ah! Kimono. The “short cuts” packs are really fun. I got like 15 different little pieces of fabric for $15. The button is from the motherload of old buttons I pillaged the last time I went home.


Edit: FYI, word from the good folks over at the Tezukuri LJ community is that the proper word for the folding is tsumami, and kanzashi actually refers to a hair pin.

4 Responses to “kanzashi flower pin”

  1. Mabelle Says:

    It’s gorgeous! I have been looking for patterns for flower pins and I’m so happy you found a cool one! THank you! (I just enjoy so much your blog!)

  2. sunni Says:

    I love it!

    So glad you posted the link to the tutorial. I spotted the first post about these pins on crafster forever ago but didn’t know someone else finally did a tute!

  3. Bev Says:

    I just found your cute little flower pins and I love the concept of folding fabric. I am always looking for new ideas for my website http://www.gift-it-forward.com where I sell fabric gifts to make money for women diagnosed with breast cancer. I can’t want to try them. Thanks.


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