* backtack part 2

Posted on October 8th, 2005 by maitreya. Filed under Paper Crafts.

My grand plan for backtack is a letterbox kit. It includes a speedball lino cutter set and a Mastercarve block. I took them for a test drive and made some coordinating stamps so she can get started letterboxing right away and see kind of the idea.

I got the idea for the stamps from the fabric I made the bag from. The lino cutter is definitely easier than an X-acto knife. Although the ladybug, um, used to have antenna. Oh well.


11 Responses to “backtack part 2”

  1. robin Says:


  2. kath Says:

    i love how you have matched the fabric in the stamps. lovely idea

  3. jenny vorwaller Says:

    oh my. i think i have one of those blocks in my drawer full of linoleum, it came with a giant box for my birthday and i had no inkling what it was for–obviously to carve–but i still haven’t touched it and my bday was in january!

    i need to go dig that out…your apple is darling.

  4. lyn Says:

    What a lovely idea !

  5. Amanda Says:

    Cute stamps! Sorry to hear about Ms. Ladybug’s unfortunate run-in with the x-acto knife!

  6. sasha Says:

    Oooooo Letterboxing! I’m going to try that this spring. I’m starting on the UVA campus because I’m taking a class there about that time. I can’t wait! Great kit and great stamps.

  7. nicci Says:

    I love letterboxing! There are very few of them out here in rural Nebraska, but it is almost as much fun to plant them as it is to find them.

    Making her a little book with directions to the boxes near her would be useful and fun. That way she would always have the directions to the boxes with her kit. There have been quite a few times I started off and had to turn back to the car/house to get the directions!

  8. jess Says:

    Love the stamps!

  9. sarah n. Says:

    i love them!! and i lost an eye on my stamps but i glued it back on with super glue and about 100 stampings later it’s still sticking strong :)

  10. Christina Says:

    What cute stamps! isn’t it fun?!


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