* pleated, bias-trimmed bag

Posted on October 13th, 2005 by maitreya. Filed under Sewing/Fabric Crafts.

Can you believe I’m already tired of my bird bag? I got the idea for this one from this bag made by twelve22 and the kimono bags at Uplifting Arts. I kind of combined the shape, pleats, and binding trim and straps into one bag. The bird bag had pleats on the bottom, so I had some idea of how to work them.

The fabric is a napkin I got on sale at Anthropologie. It’s hard to see but there are white flowers in addition to the green ones. I have another one that I’m thinking I’ll make into a matching wallet. I couldn’t find bias binding in just the right shade of green, which was a good excuse to get one of those nifty binding-making tools. Stupid Joanns only had a Dritz one in 1 inch (which makes 1/2 inch folded). The Clover ones looked better (and cuter), but only came in the smaller sizes. Maybe I just don’t have the hang of it yet, but it didn’t make as even of a binding as I expected. It did the job, though. The lining is the same green, although I wish I’d chosen something nicer since the bag’s reversible. Oh well. It’s all interfaced, too.


20 Responses to “pleated, bias-trimmed bag”

  1. Carol Says:

    It is fabulous! Love the green floral and are you saying you made the straps yourself with a gizmo? (Forgive me, I am a complete neophyte when it comes to making bags..) Also, the bird bag is so lovely, how can you be tired of it??

  2. Tracy Says:

    The size shown on the packages of tape makers is always confusing. I made bias tapes with only a normal iron….it is always the worst part for me no matter what I am making.

  3. lyn Says:

    I love the bag, great shape and that fabric is wonderful.

  4. Maxine Says:

    The bag is really lovely. I love making bags from recycled things like napkins, duvets, curtains etc. I also think your bird bag is just FAB. I wish I had more imagination and skill to make something other than a bog standard tote. Oh well, I will draw on you for inspiration.

  5. Marie Says:

    Super cute! I love the green flower print. You did a nice job interpreting the designs with your own style. :)

  6. lisa Says:

    it’s lovely!! i love it! [why DO we tire of bags so quickly??]

    i’ve had bias tape making mishaps…. it seems like it should be a snap, but it’s not!

  7. kyrie Says:

    every excuse is a good enough excuse for a new bag! i love them both. :)

  8. kath Says:

    such a lovely summery bag – great links too thank you.

  9. Sarah Says:

    Wonderful fabric! I love that bag.

  10. jojo Says:

    That turned out great. Can’t see any uneven bias tape from here. Love the idea of using a napkin.

  11. Anna Says:

    I love it too! I’m actually starting to get the littlest bit tired of my own (the brown cord one), but one feels as though one must resist the temptation to make bag after bag. For some reason.

  12. hannah Says:

    oh your bag is so lovely! i cant believe you made your own bias tape. for some reason that scares me. im going to give my fabric in for gocco a shot this weekend, wish me luck!

  13. hannah Says:

    um that should say fabric ink…makes more sense.

  14. Joelene Says:

    I love it. I bought a bias tape maker too, but I HATE it. It doesn’t do what it should, or maybe its just me!

  15. kate Says:

    Oh, that’s gorgeous! When I looked at the page of kimono bags I wasn’t too impressed, but that fabric you chose made all the difference for me!

  16. Toni Says:

    What a super cute bag! I really love it :)

    Thanks for dropping by my blog today with your comment on the Japanese craft books. Your ‘crafting japanese site’ was one of the first I found to get me going on this addiction!! :) I appreciate your tips.

  17. kelly Says:

    I love the shape of your bag! I need to get one of those bias tape makers – it’s so tedious to make it without one…

  18. Rachel Says:

    I love this! So perfect.

  19. lieslgibson Says:

    I didn’t see the napkin in this color. The bag is really great! I’ve been thinking about getting a bias tape maker also. Have always made my own tape by hand and only just recently learned that you can buy the little contraption…

  20. lera Says:

    cute! cute! CUTE!


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