* spirograph swag

Posted on December 1st, 2007 by maitreya. Filed under Paper Crafts.

My sister got me a spirograph for my birthday. :) Should I be worried that I got the same present for my 30th birthday as I did for my 10th? Anyway, I filled a few pages of cardstock with spiros, cut them out, and strung them on cord for a sort of wintry decoration. It was kind of better in my head, but they’re still ok.


14 Responses to “spirograph swag”

  1. Sister Diane Says:

    I think this looks fab!

  2. maryse Says:

    spirograph rocks. i had one when i was a kid, with the pins and everything and my younger brother got into it and lost half of the circles. i was pretty mad.

    i saw the new version not too long ago, and considered buying it for myself.

  3. Sarah Says:

    I love garlands, and a spirograph garland is a great idea! In fact, I just ordered a bunch of spirograph-like gift tags from etsy to make into a garland for myself.

  4. ismoyo Says:

    Love spirograph! Your garland does look wonderful.
    I played around with the spirograph just recently again too. So much fun! Love what you did with it.

  5. Sarah Says:

    Excellent! I love spirographs, and they totally work as snowflakes for the holidays!

  6. Sid Simpson Says:

    That is such a cool idea! I am going to use it with my students for the holiday decorations contest at our Middle School! Thank you for sharing.

  7. suzanne buchanan Says:

    Hee, hee….this is so cool! Gosh, my cousin had one of these when we were little…but I don’t think we ever did anything quite like this! Guess you have to be 30 to know how.

  8. Thrift Shop Romantic Says:

    Shrinky Dinks and Spirograph Crafts– this totally makes me happy. Like you, I somehow feel I’m coming full circle in my interests… I recently rescued a Play Skool Little People Schoolhouse from the trash. I’m in my 30s and have no kids, so what did I think I would do with it?

    Guess I’ll find out. Better a craft project than garbage! :-)

    A little nostalgia never is a bad thing.

  9. Jennifer at pink ric rac Says:

    I had one when I was younger. *sigh* those were the good old days. what a great gift from your sissy! Love the garland!

  10. J. Says:

    You’ve got a pretty cool sister who gets you a spirograph :)

  11. Sarah Says:

    What is even wierder than getting the same present 20 years apart is that I can still smell the ink from running the pen over and over and over that thing when I was a child.

  12. Toni Says:

    Ohmigosh, these are so cool! See, I love crafty ideas like this but never come up with them myself. I’ve got to get one of these now!

  13. joleen Says:

    hee, so fun! :)

  14. MdG Says:

    I got my daughter a spirograph for Christmas this year. I’m going to have to keep this idea in my head for next year! Maybe we can do a Spring Spirograph flower garland.


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