* one quilt month 3

Posted on September 26th, 2008 by maitreya. Filed under Sewing/Fabric Crafts.

Finally finished one of these on time! The idea this month was to use white + one of 4 colorways of scraps. I got yellows and oranges, which was nice because I added a couple of my own fabrics to the ones Hyena in Petticoats sent. It’s a simple log cabin, made simpler because I sewed all the print fabric into a long patchwork strip at the beginning and just used that for each of the “logs.” Since both ends of the strip are generally different, it allows some flexibility in picking the best coordinating corners, though it’s still slightly more unbalanced than if I’d planned it from scratch. But, I’ve realized that that’s part of the fun of patchwork, the spontaneity, and I am trying to stop sweating the details.

Oh, and it really is square; I’m just unable to take a good picture. :P

4 Responses to “one quilt month 3”

  1. anina Says:

    What lovely colors!

  2. Rachael Rabbit Says:

    Love it – perfect colors!

  3. Hyena In Petticoats Says:

    I LOVE this block – I have such a huge soft spot for log cabins, and I love the extra fabrics you’ve added – it’s perfect!

    Please don’t sweat the details – I see perfection in imperfection, and am a paid up member of the Embracers of The Wonk – I love it!

    Thanks so much – I’ll be waiting by the postbox…..

    Leah xxx

  4. Hedgehog Says:

    Love this block!


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