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Posted on January 17th, 2009 by maitreya. Filed under Crafty Links, Inspiration.

There’s a new little list of stuff I like over on my sidebar there.  It’ll be a rotating list of random blog posts, shops, artists, music, whatever that caught my eye but I never bothered to make a full post about.

There’s also a link to this thing I’ve been trying out from the Domino magazine website: My Deco File.  It’s essentially a bookmark tool that lets you save images from websites and organize them into books.  My previous “system” was saving images I like right to my computer, in folders according to type.  The main problem with this scheme is that I can never remember where an image is from, which is a problem when I want to refer to it or go back to the original site.  The Deco File thing saves the links for you, and it’s got a reasonably nice browsing system.  Also, it tells you if you’ve already saved a particular image.  Of course, it has it’s own problem, which is that the image isn’t actually saved, it’s linked somehow so that if the original is deleted it disappears from your book too.  Some websites also don’t work with it.  But despite this I still like it a lot and have been using it pretty regularly.

Anyway, here’s mine.  I’ve got idea books for sewing, embroidery, house stuff, etc.

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