* chamomile and dill

Posted on July 24th, 2010 by maitreya. Filed under Home and Garden.

The chamomile and the dill in my herb bed are really thriving.  Chamomile tea is on the agenda for tonight.


And just as a side note, my stamped garden markers have held up fabulously.  I attempted another set just writing directly on the wood sticks with a ball point pen, and those faded very quickly, as did the marker that came with a set of metal tags I’ve also tried.  On the down side, someone/thing keeps pulling up all of my markers, so I have no idea what’s really planted where any more.  From now on I’m drawing a backup map on the Knock Knock plant planning pad I got on sale the other day.


5 Responses to “chamomile and dill”

  1. futuregirl Says:

    Fresh dill! It’s the best thing in the world in chicken soup. Especially if you let the soup sit in the fridge overnight. It adds a wonderful, sweet *yum* to the whole thing.

  2. meg Says:

    these are sweet I think:
    she had the great idea to use grease pencils to write on the markers!

  3. Karen Says:

    I have heard that crows like to pull up labels but that may be unfairly maligning them. Even if the do, they probably have a good reason (to look underneath for food??). Nice back-up plan.

  4. maitreya Says:

    Crows! I bet that’s it. A bunch of them live in my neighborhood.

  5. LNSpellman Says:

    My mom makes an awesome plant stake out of old metal window blinds. As long as you pull them out of the soil at the end of season, you can reuse them for YEARS.


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