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Posted on November 13th, 2010 by maitreya. Filed under Chickens, Home and Garden.

So I finally got my chickens.  I found them on Craig’s list.  Some egg farmer on Bainbridge Island was reducing his flock.  They’re 9 weeks old, so they’re still cute and tiny and they cheep, but they’re not chicks any more so don’t need a lot of work.  I wanted a mix, so I got one buff Orpington,


one barred Plymouth Rock,


and a Golden Buff of some variety (Hisex brown I think).


The Golden Buff is supposed to be the champion egg-layer of the bunch, and was advertised as having “top genetics” which, being the good geneticist that I am, meant I had to get one.  I got the barred Rock because I think they’re such a pretty breed.  And I got the buff Orpington because I asked the farmer who would be friendly.

Back when I was first agitating for chickens, I kept bugging Mark to name his hypothetical chicken.  I knew I had him when he finally came up with “Lester” after a few weeks of badgering.  Lester was our mortgage broker’s name.  The farmer kept telling us about the superior feed conversion of the Golden Buff, which seems like something a mortgage broker would care about, so she’s Lester.  We named the barred Rock Hester, which seems suitably old fashioned.  The buff Orpington pecked me, making her mean, and I’ve been watching a lot of Glee lately, so her name is Sue Sylvester.  (Actually, it was her sister who pecked me, so we traded her out for a different specimen, but the name stuck just the same.)

So far Lester is the friendliest.  She’s very soft and lets me pet her without too much drama.  Sue will also submit to being picked up.  Hester squawks bloody murder and runs away from me when I try to grab her, so I need to work on her a little more.  She’s the bravest one, though: came out of the coop first, found the food first, ventured into the nesting boxes first.

The Chup is scared of them, even though their combined weight is probably 1/5 of his.  Haha.  He won’t even go near the coop.

6 Responses to “meet the chickens”

  1. Annie Bananie Says:

    Chickens, One day I aspire to have chickens too!
    Balk! Balk! Have a chicken good time!

  2. Becket Says:

    Awesome – you did it! Congrats.
    You are going to have the best omelets ever!

    I think that you should take a picture of them and somehow make it into a x-mas card, with some plucky (pun intended) holiday saying.
    It would be pretty cute.

  3. Phil Says:


    Once you’ve had eggs from them you’ll never be able to go back to store bought enjoy


  4. Sarah Says:

    My sister and her family have raised chickens a few years. They recently moved to Canada and took their chickens with them. years ago, they only had the barred plymouth rock type, now they have a variety, sort of like your little group.

    Love the names!

  5. jenn hill Says:

    Congratulations on your new flock and welcome to chicken keeping! I’ve had chickens for a year and a half and I love it. They are sweet and so much fun to watch. Two of my five still refuse to be picked up so Miss Hester may not come around for awhile or at all. The fresh eggs are life changing!

    If you ever have any questions about their care or health, Terri at hencam.com is the best! Her blog is very informative and a great resource for new chicken keepers.

  6. jenny Says:

    i love it!!!! they’re pretty girls. i will be checking in with your chickens and i might even have some questions for you once we are ready to get started! Thankfully, we have a good connection named Farmer Tom, who runs a beautiful little family farm with his wife, where our son has attended farm camp the past 2 years. I know he’ll be excited to hear that we are gettin’ us some chickens!!! :)


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