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Posted on November 21st, 2010 by maitreya. Filed under Chickens, Home and Garden.

Mark has seemed skeptical about getting the chickens, so imagine my surprise when he decided on, like, day 2 of chicken ownership that he wanted to build a chicken cam.  One of his friends has a wireless baby monitor camera with IR, remote control, and web streaming, which gave him the idea.  Mark ordered it (the one we got is from Foscam) and it’s now mounted in the chicken coop.  It is pretty hilarious to watch.  The chickens are curious about it and will look directly into it, then sometimes peck it!  We also just watched the evening tussle for the best perch spot.  Apparently the middle is preferred, and tonight Hester won.  Here they are all asleep.


This is the IR in total darkness.  I’d read somewhere that chickens can see in the IR range, so I was worried that peeking at them would wake them up, but so far they haven’t seemed to care.  We only turn on the IR LEDs when we’re watching them, then we turn them off.

Here’s the daytime view in the nesting box, where Lester is currently giving herself a bath:


AND you can watch the cam feed on the iPhone with the Foscam Surveillance Pro app!  How ridiculous is that?

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  1. Baird Says:

    How can we watch the chickens remotely from CA? We want to subscribe to the chixchannel.


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