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August 21, 2007


Hi. As you can tell, I stopped updating Crafting Japanese a while back, due to a constellation of issues. Considering the frequency with which people are still sending me links, I think there's still a big audience for something like this site, though. I would like to keep it going, but the existing format is just too much work for me. I think there are a few possibilities about how to continue:

1. Status quo. I leave the site up as a reference, but don't update it any more. Send people to Flickr or something instead for new stuff.
2. Handoff. Someone else volunteers to run the site. I could either give you an account here and you could modify my framework (I'm happy to continue to host), or I could give you all the existing data and you could start fresh.
3. Some sort of group blog. The way we do Whip Up is sort of the model; contributers would get accounts and be able to add their own projects. I don't think it would be too hard for people to navigate the Movable Type backend (I would write up instructions), but it does require extra initiative from contributers. Would anybody actually participate if I did it this way?

Other ideas? I hate to see my poor site die from neglect, but I just can't keep it up.

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