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Posted on September 22nd, 2004 by maitreya. Filed under Paper Crafts, Projects with Instructions.

I made this little book with an assortment of papers I have around (various graph papers, lab book papers, sticker sheets, drawing paper, tracing paper, etc.). It’s got 5 signatures that I sewed on my machine. The signatures are glued together (convenient since the sticker paper is only good on one side, and that’s what I used for the outside pages of each signature). Binder clips were really useful for helping the glue dry really solidly. The cover is cardboard from a tissue box with some tape for decoration. It’s also glued on. The whole thing got pressed under a big book overnight to dry. I used a little too much glue, so some of the pages are stuck together. I made it to carry around as a memo/idea book.

I’m mad that I lost the link to the inspiration for this project. It was a bigger, hardbound book, but with all sorts of neat papers for the pages. She even had a gallery page of all the random papers she’d collected. [Edit: Found it!]


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