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* felt ball

Posted on June 12th, 2004 by maitreya. Filed under Felting, Toys (cat and kid).

Eventually I will advance to Supermaggie-esque flowers and scarves, but tonight I just tried out a plain wet-felted ball. My cat’s acting really weird, so I thought maybe he’d play with it or something. My cat’s very picky about toys (see previous wonton failure), but the glowing recommendation on Rosemary Brock’s instructions page convinced me to try it. I used a handful of pink fiber from my Earthsong Fibers Plant Dyed Fleece-N-Felt kit. Basically, I wadded it all up and then dunked it in soapy water, alternating hot and cold, for a while, squeezing it and rolling it around. It started hardening up after maybe 5 minutes or so. Once it seemed like it wasn’t shrinking any more, I rinsed it in cold water and stuck it in the drier for 15 minutes. It made an OK ball, which my cat is studiously ignoring. I learned that the plant dyes are not colorfast. It’s more like a pale pink now instead of the bright pink it started out as. Also, the wool wasn’t evenly carded. A few strands of it were all matted together, and those bits didn’t felt so well. I don’t think I’ll try felting this wool again.


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* needle felting

Posted on January 14th, 2004 by maitreya. Filed under Felting.

I got an Earthsong Fibers needle felting set for Christmas and only just tonight got around to trying it. Essentially, you have this evil sharp, barbed needle that you jab into a piece of wool fleece over and over and over again until it all gets stuck together. It’s kind of magic. I’m trying to make a leaf as part of an eventual flower (ala Supermaggie). I didn’t think it was working at first, but it did come together eventually. I’m still not too happy with it. It doesn’t seem as solid as an actual piece of felt. I think I might try some soap and hot water on it to see what that does. The set also came with some pieces of felt in very pretty plant-dyed colors. Apparently, another use of the needle is to kind of applique pieces of felt together without any seams. Maybe I’ll try that later.


* Felted scarf and mittens

Posted on November 20th, 2003 by maitreya. Filed under Felting, Projects with Instructions, Sewing/Fabric Crafts.

I know it looks like I got this idea from Craftster, but it’s a coincidence. I had this nice wool jacket my mom got me, but my dear husband put it in the wash and it felted. The felt turned out to be pretty nice, though, so I cut it up and made a scarf and mittens. I made the scarf out of the two arms (you can see how the cuffs make a nice edging at the ends) and a few shorter pieces from the body that I sewed together. It was a little uneven along the edges where I sewed the pieces together, so I trimmed it up. For the mittens, I traced around my hand on a piece of tracing paper, giving it about an extra inch all around, and cut it out as a pattern. Then I pinned it to the felt and cut out 4 pieces. Then I sewed each pair together on my machine. They turned out a little snug, but my hands do fit, and after a few wearings, they’ve stretched to fit even better.



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