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* pine cards

Posted on May 30th, 2006 by maitreya. Filed under Gocco/L Letterpress.

These are for the Gocco swap organized by head full of pixies. Pine needles, printed with 2 screens, each of which I screwed up in a different way. Together, though, they are surprisingly good. This was my first foray into using multiple screens, and my first time mixing custom colors. You would think with all this ink, I could find a color to use, but you would be wrong. It’s a silvery-green on top of silver on grey card stock. Each one is different, and the scan doesn’t do them justice.




* Gocco Stockup

Posted on February 2nd, 2006 by maitreya. Filed under Gocco/L Letterpress.

Look what the best husband ever got me for our anniversary. One tube of every color Gocco ink + enough screens and bulbs to keep me in business for quite a while. All from the good people at Think Ink.


AND, he got me the scissors charm necklace I wanted. :)


* gocco yeti ornaments

Posted on December 4th, 2005 by maitreya. Filed under Gocco/L Letterpress, Holiday.

Advent 3: gocco

I’ve been wanting to do a thick felt ornament for a couple of years now, after getting a lovely felt snowflake tied to a package from Anthropologie. I also experimented with gocco printing on felt a while back, too. Then I bought this wonderful ornament from wonderland Q, and I knew I had to do it. I’ve got yeti on the brain lately, and yetis seem suitably winter-related, right? Unfortunately, I can’t draw a yeti, so I traced an image from this guy’s gallery. I emailed him a few days ago asking for permission, but I haven’t gotten a reply yet. Hopefully he doesn’t mind.

I have been unable to find a supplier for thick felt (anybody know of a place? I desperately need some for a different project), so I fused together 3 layers of wool blend felt to get the thickness and body. Even though it’s pretty think, my fabric shears had no problem with it. The hanger is just rayon embroidery thread. I like the rayon thread because it’s shiny.

Various pieces of gocco advice: Burning masters from tracing paper doesn’t work. The paper bubbled, leaving unburned pock marks. It’s easier if you print on a single layer of felt, then fuse extra layers to it. Felt likes to stick to the screen, and the single layers peeled off with less smudging than the triples. I used the ink for paper for this because I didn’t have any blue fabric ink, plus I made my Xmas cards with the same design. Worked fine. Finally, sad news that Riso is going to stop making goccos! And they only have enough supplies for 3 more years! One more thing to add to my Christmas list.


So, I got a little carried away making these. The craft room is currently hosting a veritable army of yetis. I’m swapping one for this awesome tiny sweater made by Wise Craft, and I think I’ll send another one to wonderland Q since her ornament inspired me to make these. A few are going in lieu of cards to various people. And of course I’ll keep some for myself. I think that leaves about 20 unaccounted for. So, if you’d like to trade for one, send me an email: craftlog [at] huangfamily [dot] com I’m game for pretty much anything: ornaments, buttons, trims, craft supplies, whatever.

No more yetis, they’re all spoken for. Thanks!


* reader appreciation trinket giveaway

Posted on July 10th, 2005 by maitreya. Filed under Gocco/L Letterpress.

I’ve been trying to think up something nice to do for my readers to thank everybody for making craftlog so fun to do. I *love* getting comments and emails, especially from all the crafters whose work I respect and admire so much. I love seeing my hits go up every month too (well, almost every month). So, if you email me (craftlog @ huangfamily . com) with your address, you will get a small token of my appreciation, a scissors patch or charm. I made these with my Gocco. The patches are made from canvas recycled from an old shoulder bag and satin stitched around the edge. The charms are made from shrink plastic.


I’ll accept addresses for a week (it’s now midnight July 10 Eastern Standard Time) so my occasional readers have a chance too. Let me know if you’d like a patch or a charm. I only have however many patches I could fit on a disassembled bag, so first come first served for them. I can make unlimited charms, though. I’ll mail anywhere.

Thanks to I love April Fool and used-to-be-starserge-now-Heyday-Fashion for the patch idea.


* I hate Cy5 Silkscreen T-shirt

Posted on August 20th, 2004 by maitreya. Filed under Fun with Lab Supplies, Gocco/L Letterpress.

Cy5 is this fluorescent dye I use in lab. It’s really finicky, thus my line of I hate Cy5 apparel. I used my trusty Gocco and fabric ink to screen a set of shirts for my Cy5-hating friends. I’m very impressed with the Gocco fabric ink. I’ve washed it a few times with no ill effects. It’s gotten such a great response from people that I made a CafePress store to sell t-shirts, mugs, mouse pads, etc. (At cost, I should say. I won’t benefit from the misery Cy5 causes.)



* Gocco suppliers

Posted on July 14th, 2004 by maitreya. Filed under Gocco/L Letterpress.

Pearl seems to be the only store that sells Gocco supplies, and, for some reason, they are always out of bulbs. I used my last bulbs on my sister-in-law’s labels, and I’ve got a T-shirt I really want to make before I go to the yeast meeting at the end of the month. So I trawled the web looking for the cheapest Gocco supplies. Dick Blick looked promising, but I ended up going with Think Ink. They were having a sale so I got a free tube of ink. The shipping was more reasonable, too. They came in today, so now I need to go get a bunch of plain t-shirts to screen. All my lab friends are going to want one.


* silkscreen labels

Posted on July 4th, 2004 by maitreya. Filed under Gocco/L Letterpress, Sewing/Fabric Crafts.

My sister-in-law is another crafty type. I made her these labels for her birthday. They’re Gocco-printed on satin ribbon, about 6 feet of each style. I also printed like 10 feet of unbleached muslin. They could be sewn or ironed on. She mainly knits, so I think sewing the vertically printed ones into the seams would look good. Isn’t the font cute?


* library book kit

Posted on February 10th, 2004 by maitreya. Filed under Gocco/L Letterpress, Paper Crafts, Projects with Instructions.

I’ve always liked the library kit from Knock Knock. My littlest sister reminded me the other day of how we all used to play library when we were little, and my other sister is accumulating a pretty big collection, so I decided to make one for her birthday. Supplies: a bunch of manila folders, scissors, pencil, bone folder, glue, heavy books, unruled 3×5 inch index cards, some way of printing on the cards and pockets (I used my cool Gocco printer, but you could use a stamp or a computer printer that’ll take card stock), date stamp, ink pad, card file box.

The Pockets

First, go to Mirkwood Design Templates and find the library card book pocket. I printed this out and then reduced it on the copy machine to 70%. This makes a good size pocket for 3×5 inch index cards. (If you want to have space on the pocket to stamp a due date, like the Knock Knock kit, you can modify the template.) Cut out the template and trace it on a manila folder. Cut it out to use as the master template. Once you’ve cut out as many as you want from the manila folders (I did 100), start folding. I found that the best way to do it is to first score the bottom pocket fold with a bone folder. Fold on the score and rub to crease with the bone folder. Flip it over to the back and score along the flaps at each side of the pocket. Now fold these flaps over, crease with the bone folder, and glue them down. Putting them under a heavy book to dry helps keep the flaps pressed down and flattens the whole pocket nicely. Once they’re dry, imprint them if you like. I printed out my design from the computer and used my Gocco to print it. The Gocco went through all 100 pockets without reinking, and all but a couple were perfect.


The Cards

I made a template in Word for the insert cards. There are spaces to type the Title and Author name, to write the Borrower name, and to stamp the Out date and the In date. The template is slightly larger than 3×5 inches so that it’ll print all the way to the edge of the index cards, even if they’re not perfectly aligned. I used the template to make a Gocco screen and printed 100. These didn’t print quite as well as the pockets. For one thing, there was a lot more to print and I did end up reinking here and there. Also, the font size of the text was smaller, so the lines were thinner and harder to print. Finally, since I was printing off the edges, I had problems with the ink kind of pooling at the sides and getting a little blobby. I was actually very happy with them, though. They look neat, and you can tell they were hand-printed. You could probably also rig up a way to run the cards through a computer printer instead, which would be more uniform and less messy.


I got a 1.5 inch date stamp at a stationary store and put that, an ink pad, the cards, and the pockets in a metal card file that I found at lab. For now the box can be used to store everything until they can be put into books. Once that happens, it’s the file box to keep track of borrowed books. The pocket serves as a book plate, so both parties remember it’s borrowed. No more lost books!



* Christmas card

Posted on December 24th, 2003 by maitreya. Filed under Gocco/L Letterpress, Holiday, Paper Crafts.

My first Gocco creation, our Christmas cards:




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