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* Marbling

Posted on September 28th, 2003 by maitreya. Filed under Paper Crafts.

My first attempt at marbling, using a kit I bought from Martha by Mail. Yesterday, I put the mordant on the paper and made the size. Today, I did the marbling. It was pretty fun. I didn’t get very good transfers on several tries, though. I’m not sure why. These ones are my favorite:

redmarble.gif greenmarble.gif


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* peyote stitch

Posted on September 28th, 2003 by maitreya. Filed under Jewelry.

My first attempt at peyote stitch:


I have no idea what to do with this swatch, though. And the cheap seed beads I have are all different sizes so it doesn’t come out even.


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* dolls

Posted on September 28th, 2003 by maitreya. Filed under Toys (cat and kid).

I got the pattern for these out of Felt Wee Folk by Salley Mavor. They are surprisingly easy to make, and I will probably make a little family of them for my niece.



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* The Ultimate Marbling Handbook

Posted on September 24th, 2003 by maitreya. Filed under Crafty Review.

I recently bought the paper marbling kit from Martha by Mail. It looks kind of complicated, like it takes 3 days to make a sheet of paper. I got The Ultimate Marbling Handbook by Diane Maurer-Mathison at the library today. It’s a very pretty book, one I might even buy. It seems like the techniques it decribes are straightforward, but it’s hard to tell until I actually try them. I’ll post once I’ve actually marbled a sheet.


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* Beading for the First Time

Posted on September 24th, 2003 by maitreya. Filed under Crafty Review.

New category for the craftlog: crafty book reviews, mostly to keep track of all the lousy cross stitch books I run across. I got an armful of craft books at the library today. Beading for the First Time, by Ann Benson, is pretty good. It has a lot of nice projects and a bunch of techniques. I’m definitely going to try some of them.


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