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Posted on May 28th, 2012 by maitreya. Filed under Home and Garden.

I got my tomatoes planted this weekend.  This year I’m not taking any chances and bought strong starts at the Seattle Tilth plant sale and from the farmers market.  I repotted them into nice big pots and made sure to harden them off all last week before planting them out.  They got planted in deep holes to bury part of the stem.  I’ve been haphazard about staking in the past, so this year I also got tomato cages.  So far so good.

I’m trying all new varieties this year: stupice (red early slicing), sungold (yellow cherry), purple calabash (big purple slicing), Amish paste (red paste), and Jaune Flamme (smallish orange slicing).

We’ll see how they measure up to last year’s cast:

yellow pear: little pear-shaped yellow cherry tomatoes.  Pretty tasty, but thick skin and kind of mealy (though Mark disagreed on that count).  Poor yield, but that was my own ineptitude at growing tomatoes from seed.

sugar lump: red cherry tomato.  These were juicy and sweet and very prolific.  Minor splitting problems.

siletz: early slicing tomato.  These are not very sweet, but not in a bad way. I got a pretty good yield from them and they were the first of them all to mature.  They also all split in the slightest rain.

striped Roman: red oblong paste tomato with greenish stripes.  These were pretty and tasted ok, but their little pointy tails had a tendency to go soft and rot.  Reasonable yield, even though I planted them late and in terrible soil.

momotaro: big pink slicing tomato.  I had high hopes for this one, supposedly the favorite heirloom tomato in Japan.  I thought they were watery and bland, though.


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