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Posted on June 7th, 2003 by maitreya. Filed under Knitting, Toys (cat and kid).

Using the leftovers from Foxy Woxy, I made my cat the wonton from Kitty Dim Sum in Knitty. I overestimated the amount of yarn I had the first time I tried it, so I had to unravel the whole damn thing and redo it tonight. It took a couple of hours and doesn’t look quite how I thought it would, but it’s still OK. My cat sniffed it once and promptly ignored it. My sister-in-law’s cats like it, though. Between the two of them, they will probably destroy it within a week. Pictures to come.

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  1. ariel Says:

    heya treya. i posted on not martha about foxywoxy today b.c i noticed she had made a fox too, a while back, that i never noticed. i linked to my adventures of foxywoxy page, and now i’m thinking a second adventure is needed. ::grin:: motivation.


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