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Posted on November 13th, 2003 by maitreya. Filed under Holiday, Martha.

I’ve been coveting the Winter Village Kit from Martha by Mail for years now. I made a few buildings using the patterns in the December 2000 issue, but the kit always seemed more glamorous, if expensive at $49. Finally, though, the Haunted Village Kit went on sale ($24, plus a 10% off coupon.), and I couldn’t resist. It is the exact same little houses and trees but with different colors of paint, and tombstones instead of snowmen.


6 Responses to “Xmas Village”

  1. Kathy Miller Says:

    How can we order the patterns for the Christmas Village?

  2. Maitreya Says:

    Sorry, you’re out of luck. Martha by Mail just went out of business. Your best bet is to find the December 2000 issue of Martha Stewart Living, which has some templates in it. Good luck!

  3. paula byers Says:

    you can find directions for this village in the martha stewart christmas book.

  4. vita Says:

    hola soy de Costa Rica un saludo!!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. jan Says:

    Does anyone know the weight of the paper that was used in the Martha Stewarts Winter Village Kit?

  6. Roy Jester Says:

    Yea, these are all great idea! I am so with you on this one… Let me see if it suits in my blog.


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