* crochet snowflakes

Posted on December 15th, 2004 by maitreya. Filed under Crochet, Martha.

These are fun to make. Quick, easy or tricky as you want, and more useful than a doily. Most are from a 99 Snowflakes Liesure Arts booklet I found at a craft store a few years back. One of them is from the December 2002 Martha Stewart.


Thread with lots of pattern links on the Crochet community at Livejournal.


6 Responses to “crochet snowflakes”

  1. Maria Says:

    This is very cute

  2. rebecca Says:

    cool stuf u got there very nice it must have took u ages to do just one very impressed with the handcraf work u did indeed… hats off =)

  3. Maria Stahli Says:

    I had December 2002 Martha Stewart Magazine edition and cannot find it anymore… the Martha Stewart website doesn’t show the instructions to do all the different snowflakes… would anybody mind scanning the instructions of allthe snowflakes and emailing them to me? Thanks a lot. I appreciate it!

  4. susan Says:

    Very pretty! I want to crochet some snowflakes, too, but wasn’t sure which method is best for stiffening them. Did you use sugar/water, glue/water, spray starch or a commercial stiffening agent?

  5. karina Says:

    my mom tried doing them and messed up whatagents did you use?

  6. karina Says:

    my mom loved it.


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