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Posted on December 18th, 2004 by maitreya. Filed under Crafty Review.

Crafty Book review rundown, starting with two raves:

Cozy Crochet by Melissa Leapman: One of the few crochet books I’ve liked recently. Really cute book design, really cute pattern design, and a kit coming out in April. Any of my friends and family out there who haven’t gotten me a present yet? You could get me this. Or you could get me

Simply Felt by Margaret Docherty and Jayne Emerson: I love felt even though I have not been all that successful in making any. I blame this one two circumstances 1. the felt book I own is in Japanese and 2. the wool I have is dyed with some not colorfast plant dye. This book has some really pretty patterns that are almost exactly what I would aim to make, like a Supermaggie-esque scarf. I want this book.


Now for the less exciting (to me, anyway) books. I feel so bad dissing these books because I really wanted to like all of them. They are very certainly library-worthy:

Get Crafty by Jean Railla: Too much expounding, not enough projects.

The Starving Artist’s Way: Easy Projects for Low-Budget Living
by Nava Lubelski: I came close to getting this one for one of my sisters, but ultimately I didn’t. It’s got a nice blend of recipes, sewing, housekeeping, and random other stuff, and lots of them. But it doesn’t have any pictures. There are a few drawings, but I thnk most crafts are really hard if there’s not a picture.

Knit Wit by Amy Singer: The craftster reviews were right, most of the projects are from the web site. Now that I know my LYS has never even heard of Knitty, I understand the rationale for such a strategy, but I also realize that I am not the target audience.


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