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Posted on January 18th, 2005 by maitreya. Filed under Sewing/Fabric Crafts.

I made this bag from the cosmetic bag tutorial I bought from Baked Ideas. It’s a little too floppy since I didn’t add interfacing as recommended. Oh well. It will fill out once I put stuff in it. The flowery fabric is a handkerchief I got at a 100 yen store last winter. The lining is The Most Useful Ikea Bedsheet Ever (which you may remember from such crafts as the DIY duvet cover and the sewing machine cosy).


And if you haven’t been by Baked Ideas in a while, you should go look. She’s got some new stuff up now, including a really great mohair flower and some leetle pin cushions.

9 Responses to “squarish bag”

  1. korinthe Says:

    So… which Ikea bedsheet is this? I’m not doing a very good job visualizing leftovers from a duvet project (unless it was a small comforter)…

    — Curran, in the Land of No Ikea (Boston)

    PS — I usually prefer yarn work to sewing, because I can rip out mistakes and do them over, but the pictures of the things you’ve sewn are inspiring me to dig out the sewing machine and make like a seamstress! :)

  2. Cimba Says:

    yuhuu for comments! :)
    Me too have bought this tutorial! But I have still to give a chance at it. Well done for your try!

  3. comfits Says:

    i just bought the tutorial. i have a cute little bag like that from uplifting arts. i put all my jewelry in it. now i’ll be able to have a bigger one for i don’t know what yet :)

    it looks as though her items are for sale, but i don’t see any mention of how much or how to buy???

  4. Maitreya Says:

    korinthe: I bought king sheets for the duvet, just to make sure it would be big enough for my queen comforter. The cut-off edges of the bright yellow one are what keep getting reincarnated.

    comfits: yeah, I noticed that too. The extra stuff is new, so maybe she hasn’t fixed it all up yet. The Uplifting Arts poof bag is what made me start looking for a similar pattern! I wonder where she finds her fabrics. I think my bag is a little too long for my tastes, and next time I might try modifying it to be closer to hers.

  5. comfits Says:

    i know, i know! she has the best fabrics ever!!! i got my email from karen w/ the tutorial. i’m gonna make it tomorrow. i thought maybe you two were related…you have the same last name??? anyhow, yeah, i asked her about her website & the stuff for sale. i’ll let you know what she says.

  6. Karen Says:

    Hi guys,

    I’m sooo thrilled to see a completed bag based on MY tutorial!!!! I can’t wait to see more. Can I link to your site?

    The other stuffs were for sale, but I didn’t know how to price them, and I’m not too familiar with shipping, so I took out the “buy now” buttons for now. Do you think anyone will want to buy those things?

  7. comfits Says:

    you never know what someone will buy. i’ve come to find that out! i always just combine my shipping w/ the price of the item. shipping usually doesn’t cost too much, so i usually just add a buck to the price. then i don’t have to mess w/ shipping. i really like the paisley bag & i’m sure i’m not the only one ;) you better get some prices back on there!!!

  8. Maitreya Says:

    Hi Karen! Feel free to link to my site! Thanks for such a great tutorial. The bag is now holding Blythe’s accessories.

  9. Karen Says:

    Great! Thanks! My own blog is in a bit of a mess right now.

    Feel free to give me any feedback / comments on the tutorial so that I can make it even better.


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