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Posted on January 24th, 2005 by maitreya. Filed under Crafty Links.

Cool company I found through the Sampler: 4 square. She had these awesome bracelets in the last Sampler (not that I got one, but I saw them in the sneak peeks page), and she also makes other jewelry, buttons (brilliant idea!), and magnets. Her about page kindly describes how to make them. It is perhaps the most wonderful use of shrinky dink that I’ve ever seen. Maybe one day my shrinky dinks will look as good. She also has stationary with the same graphic flair. Make sure to check out her consigning links, because I found different stuff at her website, at Copacetique (flower buttons), at Pink Thread (can’t get enough of the buttons), and at My My (neato magnets).



Along the same lines, necklaces by Jewelry by Jessica (found rummaging around Plain Mabel).


Edit: some neat ones at Blue Teabag too.

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  1. Jessica Poundstone Says:

    Jessica of Jewelry By Jessica here : ) This posting is quite old – my jewelry shop has moved to http://www.jewelrybyjessica.com – you’ll find a tutorial for a neat shrink plastic flower pin there – just click on “Tutorials” from the main page. Yay for shrink plastic!


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