* Spice Rack v2.0

Posted on January 28th, 2005 by maitreya. Filed under Martha.

Spice rack v1.0 (aka the scintillation vial spice rack, see previous post) has been found lacking in a few ways. The biggest problem is that spoons won’t fit in the little bottles, and the labels (plain paper laminated with packing tape) are starting to fall off and smear. Here’s the new and improved. It’s only barely DIY since the rack and the tins are both from Martha’s Big Going-Out-of-Business Sale. I did at least make the labels. They’re the same scanned in letterpress labels as the other one, color-adjusted in photoshop. The font is Bookman Antiqua, and they’re printed out on the key ingredient: waterproof inkjet paper. Then, I applied sticky with my trusty little Xyron. I’m very happy with it, except that I have three more spices that I’m not sure were to put. The waterproof paper is incredible. I soaked a test label in water and there wasn’t any smearing at all.



The planned v2.1 is going to have holes drilled through the lid and the tin, so you would turn the lid to line up the holes and then shake out the spice. What a good excuse to buy a dremel tool.

8 Responses to “Spice Rack v2.0”

  1. Cimba Says:

    Well done! I slightly envy your supplied collection of spices! Nice touch and colours. Also, I support the holes idea, go for it!

  2. kelli ann Says:

    oh, wow – a sight to behold. i love the tins in the photo – style. (my spice cupboard is hanging its head in shame, trying to hide the clothespin-holding-containers-closed design scheme. pitiful.)

  3. nsenders Says:

    Where is Martha’s Big Going Out of Business Sale?

  4. helen Says:

    ohhh, I love how this looks, going to have to find me self some of that waterproof paper.

  5. hahaha Says:

    i project in my wodd shop class

  6. LadyMayo Says:

    I’ve been searching for this spice rack. Is it for sale? Is someone making them and selling them? Please let me know. Thank you.


  7. maitreya Says:

    Sorry, I haven’t seen them for sale anywhere else.


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