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Posted on March 25th, 2005 by maitreya. Filed under Felting.

I’ve been seeing felted flowers everywhere lately, so I finally decided to try one in needle felting. My first try with needle felting didn’t go so well, so it took seeing other people’s great results to get my confidence up. As you can see, it worked. The color looked sunnier as roving, but it’s still OK. I’ve got some blue and purple for the next shot. I’m going to try to make it thinner next time, too.

Directions: Wad up a fist-sized tuft of roving. Try to hold a part of it kind of together while you jab it with the felting needle. I put a throw pillow on my lap to jab into. Every few jabs, pick it up and move it or flip it over. You want to evenly distribute your jabs over the whole piece. After a few minutes of jabbing all over, it should start to come together. Try to shape it into a disk. Once it holds together more or less, wrap another tuft of roving around it. Jab jab jab until it all holds together. You should have a disk that’s still squishy. To shape the petals, jab along a line into the side of the disk, where the division between 2 petals should be. The shaping went really fast for me. Go around, shaping each petal. Once the basic shape is made, you can clean it up by further felting everything until it’s firm.

Pictures would be better to describe this. Maybe next one I make I’ll document the process.


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  1. susanne Says:

    thanks for the mini-tutorial. i love how your flower turned out! i’ve seen those sweet felted flowers around too and was wondering how to make them. now all i need to to do is to kool-aid dye my roving, get one of those wicked looking needles and i’m good to go–i think. i can’t wait!


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