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Posted on April 19th, 2005 by maitreya. Filed under Crafty Links.

Jumping on the Japanese craft post bandwagon, here. On the wagon with me: Wee Wonderfuls, One Good Bumblebee, Buzzville one and two, Angry Chicken one and two, Bellablue, Super Eggplant one and two, and Knitting sushi in AZ. Whew, did I forget anybody? (I did! Sorry Rock, Paper, Scissors.) (And they keep coming: Rosa, Croque-choux, Girl Reaction, Zhinka dinka doo, and Craftapalooza.) By the way, my Japanese craft books are all on my library page, with links to Amazon Japan (where you can get the ISBN if you’re using Yes Asia instead).

Once you’ve got a few of the coveted craft books, look on them for URLs. Some of them point to really nifty sites:

Mame Wanko HQ, where I found this in the gallery:


And did you know they have a blog? It is filled with cute:


Le duvet doux, a wonderful zakka page.


They also have a blog, which often has some great pictures.

Aranzi Aronzo, from which you can actually buy things

Craft site with a bunch of directions and even movies of techniques. Try the “How to challenge” link.

And of course, the publisher web pages, which are unfortunately stingy with the pictures:

22 Responses to “yet more Japanese craft book goodness”

  1. Snowbear Says:

    Yes, you forgot me! We are thinking alike today right down to the bandwagon!

  2. Sandra Says:

    I posted a few too. Thanks for posting yours- cool!!

  3. Sue Says:

    Hello….I new to the crafting blogs and love the Japanese covers of these magazines, especially the felted pocketbook. Are these mags in English?

  4. Maitreya Says:

    Hi Sue, the books are all in Japanese. The instructions are generally good enough to follow if you have a general idea of what you’re doing. For example, if you don’t know how to sew at all, you’re going to have a hard time making a bag from one of these books alone. If you kind of know the steps, though, the patterns are OK to follow. I had to buy an English felting book to figure out the Japanese one, but now it’s much easier to decipher what the Japanese pattern is telling me to do. Good luck!

  5. Sue Says:

    Thank you Maitreya! Happy Crafting! :-)

  6. annette jimison Says:

    Hey! Can you help me find a source for Silk Art Flower making? The magazines that I have seen are on http://www.absolutejapan.com I want these desperately! Thanks!!!

  7. Maitreya Says:

    Hi Annette, if you have a Japanese book store in your area, you could try there. yesasia.com and Amazon Japan also are good and have reasonable shipping fees, IF you can figure out what to search for. eBay, also, although the prices tend to be outrageous. It looks like they’re for sale on the site you mentioned, some for pretty reasonable, and she ships worldwide. You’re not likely to find them for considerably cheaper elsewhere. Good luck!

  8. Glamourpuss15 Says:

    How on earth do you navigate and order off of Amazon.jp?


  9. Maitreya Says:

    Hi Courtney, yeah, Amazon.jp is kind of hard. Yesasia.com is easier (i.e., in English). You might want to try there.

  10. Jen Leheny Says:

    With amazon.co.jp you just find the search box and enter the ISBN. Then find the Add to Cart button.

    I have got lots of pics from books here too:
    http://www.flickr.com/photos/redinstead/sets/1603238 (handbags)

    http://www.flickr.com/photos/redinstead/sets/1735246 (toys)


  11. susan Says:

    hi maitreya!
    excellent post. i have tried to order things off amazon japan, but to no avail. i have found that it doesn’t accept my zip code and asks me for the state, but doesnt provide a field for this. any tips?
    excellent blog by the way! love it!

  12. jenn Says:

    I wanted to know where i can order the book with the hello kitty doll and sweater knit book?
    I didnt want to bid for a 2nd hand book of hello kitty on e-bay can u email me. thaks

  13. Jen Says:

    There’s a Japanese book store in J Town, same plaza of Curry House, they carry all the Hello Kitty Craft book there. Saw it last year…but don’t know if they still have it. Haven’t been there for a while. Including the knit, felt, beads…etc.

  14. murphycatspaws Says:

    What is it the Japanese have that the rest of the world doesn’t?! I’m green with envy at their endless creativity and lack of self-consciousness, so cool! Thanks for posting your fabulous library page for all craft books Japanese, so much appreciated. Meow!

  15. Roma Says:

    Wanting to purchase “Fabled Flowers” by Kumiko Sudo, new or secondhand, I believe it is out of print.

    R. Greene

  16. ade kustanti Says:

    I want to buy craft book about party bag, crochet, embroidery, and how about the shipping charge ? How much money I can pay? Please inform us, ok… Thank you so much

  17. ade kustanti Says:

    I want to buy craft book about party bag, crochet, embroidery, and how about the shipping charge ? How much money I can pay? Please inform us, ok… Thank you so much

  18. snew Says:

    i am looking for this book

    Mascot album of a memory ISBN:4277552056

    i can’t seem to find where to buy it…i want cute deer and other animal patterns!!!


  19. Heerdt Says:

    barkod dedi?imizde bundan birka? y?l ?nce akl?m?za sadece ?izgiler ve bo?lukar gelirdi. Zaten t?rk?eye de ?izgi kod olarak uyarland?. Ama ?uanda teknolojinin geli?mesine paralel olarak, bir?ok barkod g?rseli varyasyonu ?retildi.


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