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Posted on May 10th, 2005 by maitreya. Filed under Felting.

I needle-felted some of my dyed roving onto my felted change purse. I’m still getting the hang of the needle felting, so a simple shape seemed best. I stuffed the purse full of polyfill so it wouldn’t felt shut. There’s another dot on the other side.


8 Responses to “needle felted decoration”

  1. Karen Says:

    Looks really cool!

  2. amy k. Says:

    excellent-and I probably would have felted it shut! good going-

  3. amanda Says:

    Ooh…very cool. Love the dots!!

  4. Martha Says:

    I love your blog! I love the scientific feel of your Kool Aid dying and the change purse is very hip. One day I will work up the courage to felt. I have the supplies, but it just seems intimidating although I love the final product.

  5. laura r. Says:

    hey, that’s neat-O!

  6. Alex D. Says:

    Love the kool-aid dye setup – looks just like the lab. I didn’t know you were a crafty type too! We should knit together sometime.

  7. Jolie Says:

    Hey There,

    Your blog is one that I check out on a regular basis. You have such a wonderful blog! I have just started my own blog and would love for you to check it out. You can see it at: http://www.thatjoliegirl.com.

    Take Care!

  8. Kipp Says:

    I love your little purse with dot. Isn’t kool-aid dyeing a hoot! I am TRYING to find out where to buy some of the Japanese felting books, including the one that inspired your little purse; but getting really frustrated. Any suggestions?

    I’ve been working with wool for many, many years – doing applique, now some dry needle felting and ready to do the “wet” stuff!!


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