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Posted on August 3rd, 2005 by maitreya. Filed under Crochet.

I finally broke down and bought an amigurumi book, from Atelier Jade. With the shipping, it was less than $10, although it’s a pretty small book. Good directions though, including a clever way to get a tight first round. I’m too lazy to scan it in tonight, so I’ll leave the ISBN etc for later.

This is a bunny, which my husband thinks looks like an alien (he even pantomimed it bursting from his chest). It’s made from crochet thread and is maybe 5 inches tall including his ears, with some rice in the body so it’ll sit up.


Not too shabby for my first try. How sad is it that the pattern was easier to follow than most English crochet patterns? Granted, it’s a simple technique, just single crochet in a spiral with increases and decreases. Must remember to get some eyes for my next attempt.

13 Responses to “amigurumi bunny/alien”

  1. laura r. Says:

    how did you find Atelier Jade?

  2. amy k. Says:

    I LOVE it! god, I need to add this to the list of things to try-can’t wait to peek at the book.

  3. myra Says:

    Awesome bunny! Once I figured out how to read the charts, the Japanese instructions are really so much less confusing to me too.

  4. Lyn Says:

    He does NOT look like an alien.
    Husbands know nothing about these things.

  5. Tracy Says:

    The bunny is funny!

    I am always sick of reading English crochet pattern. It is so easy to miss a stitch….:-P

  6. joyce Says:

    was it easy to make? i might want to get the book too. i’ve been knitting hats for babies but i think these are just too cute!

  7. kate Says:

    How adorable! Maybe I should learn to crochet. . . .

  8. Maitreya Says:

    Thanks! Laura: I found Atelier Jade through her livejournal, though I don’t remember how I got there. Joyce: It was very easy! The only tricky part is keeping track of which round you’re on, which isn’t too bad. It’s all single crochet, and the increases and decreases are easy. You should try one!

  9. hillary Says:

    oh very cute! maybe I should try to learn the japanese chart way instead of the english way because I always get lost and end up with more or less stitches than I should. I guess that’s why I think I’m a rotten crocheter — I’m used to the exactness of knitting.

    can’t wait to see more amigurumi from you!

  10. tania Says:

    for a first try i’d say that is fab!

  11. Snowbear Says:

    Well done–even for a third or fourth try!
    In other words, I’m charmed.

  12. joyce Says:

    maitreya: i just ordered the book and can’t
    wait to try it (at least when i have time). was there a certain type of yarn you used?

  13. Karen T. Lee Says:

    Just thought id let you know, I just heard Myself that you should not use rice or beans or any other food type to stuff with because of bugs.
    I wouldnt want to see you have to throw all your Crocheted Animals out after a few years because of bugs.
    Take Care!


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