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Posted on August 10th, 2005 by maitreya. Filed under Felting.

I cast on for the purse on the cover of Fabulous Felted Hand-Knits. I’d been looking for the right yarn for a while now, but everything I found at a reasonable price wasn’t good for felting, or wasn’t in colors I like. I finally settled on Patons Classic Wool, which kindly says on the label that it’ll felt, and which comes in lots of good colors. I’ve got a sort of 70s color scheme going, with paprika, old gold, chestnut brown, and, maybe, leaf green. I’m still undecided on the green, so I’m leaving it for last. I might sub a gray instead.

If I ever make it that far. The pattern is simply knitting up 4 skeins of yarn one after the other into a big striped rectangle. Then you felt the sheet, cut out the purse pieces, and sew it together. This sounds all good and easy, but I’ve been working on it for a few nights now, and I’m only about 3 inches in. Out of 60 inches final! I’d better like this bag once I finish it.

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  1. hannah Says:

    oh that is a great looking bag! good luck, i hope the inches fly by. and im with you, fun fringe can rot at the bottom of the sea!

  2. abby Says:

    Good luck! Ugh.. sometimes wouldn’t you rather knit a small complicated something than a lot of boring rows?! By the way, thank you so much for letting me know which MSL mag that was in-now I can get busy. Bythway again-I LOVE craftingjapansese-it’s rad. Thanks!


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