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Posted on September 22nd, 2005 by maitreya. Filed under Sewing/Fabric Crafts.

I made a post a while back about going to Paper Source, and Hillary commented that when she’s there, she wishes all the paper was fabric instead. I felt exactly the same way, and now I’ve fulfilled the wish. Well, as long as I only wish for 8×10.5 fabric.

Sewing stars has been making some neat pouches lately by printing directly onto fabric using freezer paper. She even did a little tutorial. I’ve seen this on Craftster, too, and it finally made me remember to get a roll of freezer paper at Walmart (with the saran wrap etc). The trick is that the freezer paper is plastic coated on one side, so you can iron it on to the fabric. The paper supports the fabric while it goes through the ink jet printer. Everybody recommends getting fabric over 200 threads/inch. I used an Ikea bedsheet I had laying around. I doubt it’s 200 threadcount, but it still worked fine.

I scanned in my favorite wrapping paper (long time craftlog readers may recognize it from my last site design) and then printed it back out on the fabric. It worked! Here they are side by side.


It’s destined to be the lining for a little bag I’m making.

Another exciting thing about this is that I can shrink fabric patterns to Blythe scale now! And then I can print the patterns right on top of the fabric! No more teensy pattern pieces to pin. Must try this soon.

20 Responses to “paper -> fabric”

  1. Tracy Says:

    cool….unfortunately, my printer is not with water resistant ink….:-(

  2. suburbansider Says:

    You are so clever! It looks fantastic – think of the possibilities!

  3. Nichola Says:

    What a brilliant idea! I wish i had a printer.

  4. Samantha Says:

    I have seen the Sewing Stars tutorial, but not given it a go yet. Think I will this weekend. Now all I need to do is buy some freezer paper ….

  5. lyn Says:

    Wow, that looks fantastic and great idea re the Blythe patterns.

  6. hillary Says:

    yay! looks great! so you didn’t treat the paper at all? I’ll have to go over to sewing stars and check out her tutorial. I have the bubble jet stuff all ready to go. I might give it a shot today. I love how you’re always trying new stuff!

  7. laura r. Says:

    this is fabulous!
    great idea for blythe.
    clever you.

  8. Katy. Says:

    This is so cool! Yet another project I can’t wait to try.. :)

  9. Folkcat Says:

    Even better – create a PDF file for those Blythe patterns, with the fabric print placed right in the pattern pieces, and maybe even instructions for assembly in a blank left-over space. Voila! – Blythe patterns you can share or sell.

  10. kelly Says:

    That is so great… if only my printer used water resistant inks… :(

  11. Alison Says:

    Can I just say as well – BRILLIANT!

  12. Mary Says:

    OOOOooo! That is exciting! Will it hold up in the wash?

  13. grace Says:

    i love that oh boy wrapping paper too! i picked up 3 tubes of different patterns at the container store that were on sale b/c they had been opened. some jerk made me use the paper to wrap something w/ the solid color facing out and i nearly threw the biggest fit. i had forgotten about this and i might throw a fit now for submitting to that request!

  14. chicadecanela Says:

    I love this! So inspiring…

  15. allison Says:

    What a fantastic idea! I’ll definitely have to try this out :)

  16. Karyn Says:

    I so did this after you posted…I have had the “Bubble Jet Set” solution sitting around, but couldn’t be bothered to get all wet and messy with the fabric…so I just ironed onto freezer paper, and voila! printed fabric. I am so happy you posted this!

  17. Naomi Says:

    Oh my….I have to give this a go!

  18. Maitreya Says:

    Update on this for anybody checking in, the plain inkjet ink does just wash right out, so don’t use it on stuff that might get wet. The Bubble Jet Set stuff everybody is talking about is what you need to pretreat with to make it washable.

  19. karen Says:

    where can I but the bubble jet solution? do any store carry it?


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