* embroidered covered buttons

Posted on September 28th, 2005 by maitreya. Filed under Cross Stitch/Embroidery.

All the cute zakka sites have these great covered buttons, so I got a cheap Dritz kit at the craft store to give it a try. I was wandering around campus today, stepping on acorns, and I guess the thought stuck in my mind for the embroidering. Had a few abortive attempts at squirrels before switching to the leaf. I wish I’d gotten a good squirrel, though. I feel like squirrels.


19 Responses to “embroidered covered buttons”

  1. Nichola Says:

    They look great! I’ve been meaning to try this too.

  2. Jme Says:

    I think it looks great with the acorn/leaf combo. Keep on working at the squirrel though, I’ll love to see that too! :)

  3. myra Says:

    I’ve been wanting to do this too. It looks wonderful!

  4. Cassi Says:

    I’m another one that’s been wanting to try it :D Yours came out great, such cute designs!

  5. robin Says:

    yay! someone tried this! hoping you stirred up enough inspiration so that i’ll get to see these everywhere! your acorn is perfect! (imagine a squirrel would be very hard)

  6. michelle Says:

    so adorable, I love the leaf and the acorn…maybe you can find an image of a squirrel and transfer it so it would be easier to embroider? I like what you did, though, they are so cute!

  7. kyrie Says:

    this is awesome! i, too, like the acorn/leaf combo…what talent you have!

  8. hillary Says:

    those look great! good for you for adding yet another craft to your repertoire

  9. Samantha Says:

    Wow- great minds think alike. I have also bought some to do, But for hair slides rather than bobbles!

  10. lyn Says:

    Oooh I love them !

  11. Laurie Says:

    Oh those are great! Thanks for sharing. :)

  12. kelly Says:

    Those are perfect! They just scream fall!

  13. korinthe Says:


    How well does the Dritz kit work? What step or steps of the process does it do? I imagine something to do with covering the button and securing the fabric, but maybe not? Will the fabric stay on for a long time?

  14. ~Vicki Says:

    I like these..what a wonderful idea!

  15. Laura Says:

    Oh how cute! At first I thought it was stamped on instead of embroidered because you did such a great job! :)

  16. kate Says:

    Are those hair holders?! I didn’t know there was a kit to make those!!

  17. Jess Says:

    Regardless of how adorable these are (and they are), I love that you placed them on a copy of McSweeney’s ;) What issue is it?

  18. Naomi Says:

    This is really adorable an an awesome idea. I’ve only just recently decided to try my hand at embroidery. This idea inspires me!

  19. Stephen Reed Says:

    And you can purchase the blank buttons at http://coverbuttons.com.


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