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Posted on December 4th, 2005 by maitreya. Filed under Gocco/L Letterpress, Holiday.

Advent 3: gocco

I’ve been wanting to do a thick felt ornament for a couple of years now, after getting a lovely felt snowflake tied to a package from Anthropologie. I also experimented with gocco printing on felt a while back, too. Then I bought this wonderful ornament from wonderland Q, and I knew I had to do it. I’ve got yeti on the brain lately, and yetis seem suitably winter-related, right? Unfortunately, I can’t draw a yeti, so I traced an image from this guy’s gallery. I emailed him a few days ago asking for permission, but I haven’t gotten a reply yet. Hopefully he doesn’t mind.

I have been unable to find a supplier for thick felt (anybody know of a place? I desperately need some for a different project), so I fused together 3 layers of wool blend felt to get the thickness and body. Even though it’s pretty think, my fabric shears had no problem with it. The hanger is just rayon embroidery thread. I like the rayon thread because it’s shiny.

Various pieces of gocco advice: Burning masters from tracing paper doesn’t work. The paper bubbled, leaving unburned pock marks. It’s easier if you print on a single layer of felt, then fuse extra layers to it. Felt likes to stick to the screen, and the single layers peeled off with less smudging than the triples. I used the ink for paper for this because I didn’t have any blue fabric ink, plus I made my Xmas cards with the same design. Worked fine. Finally, sad news that Riso is going to stop making goccos! And they only have enough supplies for 3 more years! One more thing to add to my Christmas list.


So, I got a little carried away making these. The craft room is currently hosting a veritable army of yetis. I’m swapping one for this awesome tiny sweater made by Wise Craft, and I think I’ll send another one to wonderland Q since her ornament inspired me to make these. A few are going in lieu of cards to various people. And of course I’ll keep some for myself. I think that leaves about 20 unaccounted for. So, if you’d like to trade for one, send me an email: craftlog [at] huangfamily [dot] com I’m game for pretty much anything: ornaments, buttons, trims, craft supplies, whatever.

No more yetis, they’re all spoken for. Thanks!

11 Responses to “gocco yeti ornaments”

  1. Strikkelise Says:

    I love the abominable tags! Hilarious and cute at the same time.

  2. mimi K Says:

    you can get thick felt from Dick Blick- look for the “press cushion”. These are the felt pads used on printing presses. I believe they are all wool and come in white or grey. You order them by size and thickness. I used really thick felt (3/8 inch thick) when I made slippers last year. Your ornaments look like a great project!

  3. sofia Says:

    For a trade I’m in :) if you want :) have a look at my blogs http://lafeecoriandre.blogspot.com and http://lafeeshop.blogspot.com

    I love everything :) craft supplies, softies, bags, drawings, vintage, abominable tags :) I love surprises :)

  4. lisa Says:

    your yeti’s look fab!!

    i’m reeling from the gocco news… it can’t be!!! i so rely on mine! eek!

  5. jess Says:

    I love your yeti… would love to trade. Can I make you a variation on Master Tightly? Or would you prefer a bunch of vintage buttons for future projects?

  6. Evan Says:

    I don’t have anything to trade, except links perhaps. I love the design there–the depressed Eeyore version of my own. :) Well done!

  7. Liesl Says:

    These really are hilarious! I love the unsentimental, non-traditional take on the holiday. The label/card really makes them cool.

  8. Blair Says:

    I just got my Yeti today and I love him! Nice work. I hope the sweater made it safely.

  9. fayte Says:

    yeahhhh yeti’s! if your into a trade, count me in too!!

  10. sarah n. Says:

    a long time coming, but thank you so so much for my yeti!! I promptly placed right in front on my tree and it made me chuckle each time I passed its ever so slightly grumped up annoyed face. a proper thanks will come in the hopefully near future! :) but big big thanks, this was incredibly sweet!!

  11. Lusidvicel Says:

    Hello, i love http://www.craftlog.org! Let me in, please :)


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