* Gocco Stockup

Posted on February 2nd, 2006 by maitreya. Filed under Gocco/L Letterpress.

Look what the best husband ever got me for our anniversary. One tube of every color Gocco ink + enough screens and bulbs to keep me in business for quite a while. All from the good people at Think Ink.


AND, he got me the scissors charm necklace I wanted. :)

23 Responses to “Gocco Stockup”

  1. angharad Jones Says:

    My god, a husband that understands, you are lucky, lucky, lucky.


  2. Patricia Says:

    Best. Husband. Ever.

  3. lisa Says:

    SUCH a keeper!! :)

    have fun! can’t wait to see what you make!!

  4. hannah Says:

    holy gocco!!! i couldnt think of a better gift! lucky you!

  5. Katy. Says:

    SO envious!! Lucky you! :)

  6. Adriana Says:

    Happy Anniversary!

    Have fun printing ;-)

  7. April Says:

    Your husband ROCKS. My husband is the best ever as well, but this is not a gift I would receive from him (I DID get an art store gift certificate). I hope your husband enjoys reading all these posts.

  8. amy k. Says:

    wow! how cool is he?? I have used the grumbacher line “max” which is this creppy “oil” paint that washes up with water in the gocco and it’s done just fine-so when you do run out. . .

    I will up the creek if I don’t get screens and bulbs soon.

  9. Cathy Says:

    What a wonderful husband!

  10. Gina L Says:

    My birthday is in a little over a week. Do you think I can get my husband to do that for me? Whats your secret? …LOL

  11. helen Says:

    ohh what a perfect gift. I still don’t have a gocco but I think I need one very soon!

  12. Erika Says:

    Wow! Aren’t you lucky!

  13. sam lamb Says:

    All those supplies – I’m speechless. Your husband rocks.

    Happy gocco-ing!

    (P.S. Thanks SO much for the post on whipup, you’re too kind!)

  14. ~mary~ Says:

    WOW! You are one lucky girl! What a sweet hubby!

  15. Anabel Says:

    A lucky,lucky,lucky woman!!:-)

  16. sasha Says:

    good boy, goooood boy! Much petting from you to hubby.

  17. Kate Says:

    Wow. What a great gift! What a way to say he loves you!

  18. Kate Says:

    Hahaha. My comment got messed up with Sasha’s comment above me. I have no idea what happened there or where Sasha’s comment went.

    Oh well.

    I’ll repeat. It’s a great gift and a wonderful way to say he loves you.

  19. joleen Says:

    Yay!! What a great gift! xo

  20. Toni Says:

    Me too! I just got a big shipment from Think Ink also, I just love those pastel inks :)


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