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Posted on February 27th, 2006 by maitreya. Filed under Sewing/Fabric Crafts.

I got this great piece of Alexander Henry fabric in a swap with craftopia. It’s a long skinny piece, so I was initially at a loss for what to do with it. The big flowers are so great, though, and I have this great applique book out from the library. Plus, I’m into the red/pink combo these days and had a plain pink shirt hanging around. Once I had the idea, it took less than an hour to whip the whole thing up.


Instructions: cut out the flowers with about an eighth of an inch margin. Position them on the shirt and place a layer of stabilizer underneath the shirt and behind the flowers. The stabilizer makes the sewing *so much easier.* Sewing on knits is usually a disaster for me, and it turns out that stabilizer is totally the solution. Pin the three layers together and satin stitch around the edge. Tear off the stabilizer and you’re done! My satin stitching leaves a little bit to be desired, but if you stay at a normal viewing distance, it’s fine.

20 Responses to “applique shirt”

  1. moki Says:

    that is so cute! Seriously love that fabric!

  2. sunni Says:

    it looks great! i couldn’t satin stitch something like that so well to save my life!

  3. sally Says:

    Love the shirt, great idea. I made an apron with the same AH fabric, it is one of my favorites. Congrats on the podcast interview.

  4. Gillian Greding Says:

    Great shirt! Awesome idea!

  5. Megan Says:

    That’s such a cute shirt and I’m impressed with your stitching skills.

  6. claudia Says:

    That looks great! I have new pink and white t-shirt that I´d like to pep up, your idea comes just right!

  7. jess Says:

    i’m a sewing / embroidering ubernovice, so bear with me – the black around the edge – is that the satin stitch? does it prevent the edges of the fabric from fraying as well?

  8. Regina Says:

    Brilliant idea!! So very designer and chic!

  9. karin Says:

    looks great, I love the idea.
    stabilizer? not familiar wiht (american?) terms, is is thin paper or fabric? do youhave a link to a shop? *Karin

  10. Marci Says:

    Great use of big prints! I think the placement of the flowers is great and the colors work really well together!

  11. alice Says:

    Incredibly chic! Yesterday I saw a woman with a flower (1 foot diameter) appliqued on the side of her long wool coat at about waist level. It had the same kind of retro/modern vibe as your shirt. Very nice. Thank you for the instructions!

  12. Siow Chin Says:

    Lovely applique there. I’ve been thinking of cutting up motifs from fabrics to make softies. Now I can also experiment with motif applique. And, it was great hearing your voice on the interview.

  13. mrspilkington Says:

    lovely work! i am trying something similar on a skirt. great interview on craftypod, too.

  14. lucy Says:

    That’s so great! I love it!

  15. Gina Miller Says:

    It looks wonderful. I love the flowers.

  16. julia Says:

    Cool! I have (gulp) five yards of that fabric, I was so enamored with it. Now I have an instant project!

    I’ve been meaning to do this kind of applique, too.

  17. Sierra Says:

    Sweet idea! It looks great!

  18. ani Says:

    that looks sooooo great! i’ve been thinking about doing that too, thanks for the stabilizer tip.

  19. Tamara Says:

    Hi, I was wondering if any one knows the best way to cut out a sequin type applique and sew it onto a shirt without having it frey, please let me know.

  20. Anonymous Says:

    I have a pair of toddler pants in that fabric. The brand is Icky Baby and they are not cheap!


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