* Yellow and White (and some Brown)

Posted on April 3rd, 2006 by maitreya. Filed under Random.

I love it when a bunch of people spontaneously hit upon the same creative idea all at once. I’ve been working on this redesign, using the color scheme of my coffee press cozy I made a while back. And lo and behold, what appears in my mailbox, but the new issue of Martha Stewart Weddings. Lordy, what a good issue. One of my favorite features is “perfect palettes” at the front of each issue. This month’s is yellow and white and completely lovely. And then, this month’s tie one on theme is yellow and white. Now I pretty much have to make an apron to match my blog. ETA: so, I finish writing this post, click on over to see what Wee Wonderfuls is up to, and find that she has also just posted a whole thing about yellow too! ETA again: aha, I see, it was yellow Monday. Who knew? :)

I went pretty simple with the redesign since I’ve been coming close to my bandwidth limit lately, but I am really happy with it. My sister had a great post the other day decrying the blogger-ification of web design, that everybody’s page more or less looks the same now. Of course, she’s in the midst of redesigning her page too, so I can’t seem to find the post now. Anyway, I’m afraid my new design does not break any new ground, but there’s a neat blog design contest going on that might help. The contest even has a whole category for hobby and crafts.

Anyway, more about the Weddings issue. Let’s see, I want this one flower girl dress by Flora and Henri for myself. There’s also a cute article on making tissue paper flowers, which is conveniently on her website. And you will not believe what a fantastic wedding Lena Corwin had. Oh my gosh, it’s So Good. You seriously won’t believe it. It was pretty neat reading about her in the magazine and “knowing” her from her site, too.

14 Responses to “Yellow and White (and some Brown)”

  1. lisa Says:

    i’m lovin the yellow! [isn’t it funny about the yellow day??] it’s so spring… and you can never go wrong w/ polka dots… :)

  2. Nicole Says:

    LOVE the yellow and polka dots. Very sweet. Made me smile to see I’m on your old fav’s list :p

  3. lena Says:

    Thank you so much! Hearing that someone was inspired by our wedding is the best… It’s funny how I had a difficult time getting into the wedding planning in the beginning… by the end I realized– how could I have not enjoyed designing stationery, decorating, flowers, crafts, food… all of my favorite things!

    thanks for such an nice compliment.
    best, lena

  4. hillary Says:

    love the yellow dots! so I really need to go get that ms weddings huh? I’ve seen more than one mention of its awesomeness. I think I’m still suffering PTSD from my own wedding planning. but since that’s been uh, 4 years ago now, guess I should be able to take a peek at a wedding magazine without having a panic attack

  5. Alex Says:

    The knitters of Project Spectrum ( http://www.lollygirl.com/blog/ ) are all about the yellow and orange, too! Must be something about springtime. I love the polka dots!

  6. hannah Says:

    the new design is perfect! yellow, dots and scallops, whats not to like!?

  7. amanda Says:

    martha made the tissue paper flowers on her show yesterday. she also showed some super-cute party favors using tissue paper which i think are in the magazine as well. i felt so inspired… but not really in a wedding way since i am not even engaged! i’ve been loving paper flowers lately since seeing the paper flower kits at the paper source that opened up around here recently.

  8. vegasandvenice Says:

    I love the new look! Thank you for posting about the paper flowers. Martha demo’d them yesterday and I meant to look for them on her site, but I totally forgot! Thanks to you I’ve got it all bookmarked now!

    Have a wonderful day!

  9. ariel Says:

    Oh man, Treya, like 80 people came over to my website from here today, and they didn’t even get to read about blogger-ification.

    So I put it back up for you. Because even though I caved and went mainstream, too, I still lament the death of the individual when it comes to webdesign.

    Of course, none of your peeps said hi, but that’s probably because there’s no yellow on my page.

  10. amy k. Says:

    I saw the other yellow posts after I did the tie one on theme too and thought the same thing-we are all going yellow crazy! Love the new fresh look and you have sold me on the new wedding MSL-must buy now. (and you should have yours from me real soon, if not already)

  11. Hanna Says:

    Your new yellow and white dots design is gorgeus and goes well with April and upcoming Easter! Congratulations!

  12. Gillian Greding Says:

    LOVED this post. I LOVED all the links! Thanks!

  13. myra Says:

    Love the new look! We just finished painting a room yellow too.

  14. abby Says:

    Lovely! Can’t wait to see the new Martha-my subscription always comes late. Looking at these dots makes me happy!


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