* redwork ABC ribbon

Posted on May 27th, 2006 by maitreya. Filed under Cross Stitch/Embroidery.

A little something for the trimswap: embroidered twill tape, ala this Japanese craft book (and this inspiring picture in particular). Bella Dia also posted her version a while back, which made me think it was actually do-able, rather than totally insane, to embroider a whole yard of ribbon. I originally planned to change colors for each letter, but the red looked so nice that I’m sticking with it for the whole bit.


Geeky confession: it bugs the hell out of me that the thick side of the A is on the wrong leg, which I only noticed when I consulted an actual font for advice on the little a. I am trying to tamp down my OCD about it and not unpick it.

6 Responses to “redwork ABC ribbon”

  1. marybeth Says:

    The imperfection gives it more character! Love it!

  2. Jan Says:

    Laughing at your geeky confession. I’m happy to know I’m not the only one!
    Love the tape…charming!

  3. Regina Says:

    Very nice. I like the all red too! And the “A” looks great to me, but I know what you mean. Once, you find something that’s not quite right, it’s hard to step back.

  4. sally Says:

    Oh my gosh, the embroidered twill tape is so cute!

  5. Meg Says:

    That looks really cute. I get the OCD thing. I don’t think I could stand to leave it, though it does look absolutely fine. I didn’t even notice until you pointed it out. I love the red on cream.

  6. pam Says:

    Love this twill tape! I do understand obsessing about one imperfection, but like marybeth said, it gives it character that only you will know about.


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