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Posted on June 11th, 2006 by maitreya. Filed under Sewing/Fabric Crafts.

We are leaving for Switzerland tomorrow! Mark’s singing for our supper, but it’s all vacation for me. Usually it’s the other way around, so I’m happy I get to relax. I always hate digging around in my bag for the 20 different pieces of paper and identification needed at every checkpoint, so I made this handy travel folder. It’s made of this nifty linen-y fabric, wool felt, a piece of plastic from a page protector, binding to edge the pockets and hold the layers together, and a button for a closure. You can tell my binding skills are, uh, still improving.

It holds my boarding pass or train pass (slash pocket), printouts of hotel info etc. (pocket behind the slash pocket), my passport (right bottom), driver’s license+other cards (right top), and a “return to” info card on the off chance that I lose it (little clear pocket). It’s interfaced, but still a little bit floppier than I would’ve liked. I’m hoping it’ll bulk up once it’s full.



Can I tell you how exciting it was to see this fabric used in the Denyse Schmidt book? Ever since, I’ve been waiting for a really good project to use it on.

23 Responses to “travel folder”

  1. marybeth Says:

    this is the collest travel folder i have ever seen! Oh i do hope you share pictures from your travels-have a wonderful time.
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    MB in JT

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  2. valentina Says:

    That’s too funny. My landlord just came back from Switzerland without telling me they were going. I’m moving back there in August. Have a great time!

  3. Jessica Hood Says:

    What a fabulous idea! It’s beautiful. Have a great trip!

  4. alli coate Says:

    i absolutely love this, and totally want my own! the fabric and construction is beautiful… although I don’t think I’d have the patience to deal with that little button every time i opened it. :)

  5. mary Says:

    what a fantastic idea. I really love this, and could see using something like this on a daily basis; not just while traveling.

    have a great trip!

  6. laurie Says:

    that is really cute + super functional. have a wonderful time on your trip!

  7. feli Says:

    Ooooo Now I want one tooo!!! Have a safe trip!!

  8. Lina Says:

    Adorable! And very smart and handy (I should make one myself, I’m always nervous about loosing something important when travelling). Bon voyage!

  9. Max Says:

    The folder is great! Such a good idea and the fabric is just wonderful. Your binding looks good to me! I have yet to try binding but it always makes things look so much more finished.

  10. shoofly Says:

    awesome travel folder! i love the colors!

  11. lera Says:

    lovely! what a great idea!

  12. stevie Says:

    Love this, you should sell these!

  13. myuglysweater Says:

    ooooh. this is SO nice! what a great idea!

  14. Bessilu Says:

    Practical AND stylish; I love it!

  15. joyce Says:

    nice! i like it and the fabric.

  16. kelly Says:

    So cute, and so useful! Sounds like the perfect travel accessory! Oh, how I wish I had snatched up some of that fabric… I think I was in a no-spend mode at the time. Have a fantastic trip!

  17. abby Says:

    so cute! have fun!!!!

  18. angie b. Says:

    great fabric! hope you have a fun trip and get lots of use from the travel folder! :)

  19. lisa Says:

    oh my goodness have a great time {i am late to the party, but}…. and what a cute travel case!!

  20. Kristin R Says:

    Wow, I wish I would have thought to make something like that before I went to France, I lost our train tickets… and than found them after we were on the train and paid for new ones… I really just didn’t have a good spot to put it all. The passport holder wasn’t tall enough to hold anything but my passport and credit cards… So it goes, it was still the best trip ever! Have a good vaction, craft it up abroad and bring back some ideas to share with us!

  21. Alicia P. Says:

    Brilliant idea! Love the colors you picked, too. Great job.

  22. Claire Says:

    oooh! I love your travel folder – what a great fabric. Now I have yet another thing to add to my “crafts to make before honeymoon” list. yay?!

  23. Evoria Says:

    It’s beautiful, I willllll HAVE to make one. A person still in school, i think I’ll make one as a binder, I always get trouble with my folders, they’re always to short. I think I’ll double the size to fit folder pages. It’s wonderful. Thanks!!!


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