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Posted on December 14th, 2006 by maitreya. Filed under Sewing/Fabric Crafts.

Becket has a really cool Marimekko wall hanging in her place. I don’t want to be a total copycat, plus I don’t have nice tall ceilings like her, so I settled for this DIY version made from a Marimekko dish towel and some stretcher bars. For my artichoke napkin panels I bought the stretcher bars online somewhere, but recently I noticed that they carry them at Michaels, waaaaay in the back. I found the dish towel at this cool modern home store in Ithaca (I was visiting to give a seminar). I also found a fantastic antiques store with a treasure trove of old buttons, linens, and all sorts of great stuff. I didn’t realize why all the fuss about bakelite buttons until I saw them in person, and suddenly they were worth $3.50 each.


9 Responses to “marimekko DIY wall hanging”

  1. Ornament Pal Says:

    The wall hanging is wonderful!

    I’m not rushing you to blog it, but has your ornament arrived (shipped last Friday), if not there is still time for me to replace it ;-)

  2. Hedgehog Says:

    Hi from the land of Marimekko. I have a similar tree panel on the wall in my living room here. Happy Holidays!

  3. lisa s Says:

    oh – oh you are in trouble now… you have the bakelite bug…. :D

  4. Allie Says:

    That wall hanging is BEAUTIFUL! I would want to see it every single day ;D

  5. jeannette Says:

    I just bought this marimekko shower curtain!!
    It’s on sale at http://www.anthropologie.com

  6. Jess Says:

    This looks GREAT!

  7. alexander Says:

    We also love Marimekko fabrics and felt that we wanted to promote our love for these designs by manufacturing and marketing Marimekko Fabric, Wall Hangings in a range of colours and sizes to suit the modern home and office

  8. Wall Arts UK Says:

    An easy way to change the mood of any room is with colour, and Wall Hangings are an ideal way to do this. Marimekko offers a variety of designs and patterns that can provide the look and feel of whatever it is you’re looking for.Marimekko Fabrics are a great source of different designs. Whether a classic pattern like Unikko PieniUnikko Pieni or the modern look of Botna .Please visit our shop where we are confident you will find the perfect design and colour to compliment your room setting. http://www.wallartsuk.com

  9. Queen of DIY Says:

    Very beautiful! Thanks for sharing!


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