* mini-Blythe mini-dress

Posted on December 27th, 2006 by maitreya. Filed under Blythe.

I finally broke down and got a mini-Blythe from somebody on the Blythe lj community. I named her Penelope (Penny for short) and she’s a Kozy Cape. Her stock outfit included some funny earmuffs glued to her head, but luckily they came off cleanly. The minidress is from orriettacat’s collection, and I think I printed it out too small.


Look, she matches her big sister!

4 Responses to “mini-Blythe mini-dress”

  1. futuregirl Says:

    She must be super-mini. The pattern on that fabric looks totally different on Margeaux.

  2. Nora Says:

    She’s hot!! x

  3. Cristina Says:

    she’s great. and i love her little go-go boots.

  4. Shelly Says:

    I love her! I have fallen in love with Blythe dolls after seeing what you have done with yours. I use to have one growing up and she is now gone. Too bad for me. She had purple hair.
    I just bought a mini because I can’t afford the larger size, yet. I have not yet seen her in person, so I am not sure just how big/small she is. Where can I find patterns to sew for her?


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