* button medals and ribbons instructions

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gold and silver shank buttons





fabric glue

pinback or clip

time required: 30 minutes, plus glue-drying time


Cut a piece of striped ribbon 3 or 4 inches long.

String the button on a piece of cord with a knot at the bottom. If the button hangs straight, you can attach it this way (otherwise read down a few steps).

Fold back the corners of the end of the ribbon.

Stitch through the corners and the cord.

If the button won’t hang straight, cut a small X in the ribbon and push the shank through. Use fabric glue to secure. (This is also the method for the blue and green striped variation.)

Once the glue is set, fold back the ribbon corners and sew or glue down.

Fold back the top edge of the ribbon and make a crease. Unfold.

Sew a pinback or clip right above the crease.

Refold and glue in place.


alternate versions

Pick out a button to serve as the center of the ribbon. Choose a matching ribbon.

Cut 1 foot length of ribbon.

Sew a large running stitch about 1/8 inch from one long edge of the ribbon.

Pull on stitch to gather the ribbon.

Alternatively, pleat the ribbon by folding (works best with wire-edged ribbon).

Shape into a medallion. You may need to trim the ribbon to make a nice ruffle. Knot the thread ends to keep the gather.

Overlap the ribbon ends and sew in place with a couple of stitches near the gather.

Cut short pieces of coordinating ribbon for streamers. Trim if desired by gluing on other ribbons or edging.

Sew button, ruffle, streamers, and pinback together through all layers.

3 Responses to “button medals and ribbons instructions”

  1. Joyful Abode Says:

    What a sweet idea. I love it!

  2. alison Says:

    What wonderful button ideas! I just HAVE to have a button ring. I love the simplicity of buttons, they’re so effective.

  3. alison Says:

    What wonderful button ideas! I just HAVE to have a button ring. I love the simplicity of buttons, they’re so effective.


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