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5 doll-size buttons

4 small jumprings

1 larger jumpring

needlenose pliers


time required: 15 minutes

Using the pliers, twist open a small jumpring.

Place two buttons on the jumpring.

Twist closed.

Twist open another small jumpring.

Thread through the empty hole in one of two connected buttons.

Add another button.

Twist closed.

Continue adding the remaining buttons.

Add larger jumpring to the top button.

String on chain.

4 Responses to “doll button necklace instructions”

  1. Joyful Abode Says:

    You really have some fantastic ideas. How clever and cute!

  2. Joyful Abode Says:

    That is a fantastic idea! You really come up with some cute and clever things.

  3. Joyful Abode Says:

    Sorry for the double post! I thought the first one was lost in cyberspace for a bit… Oops!

  4. ????????????????????? Says:

    that cute and easy project looked great on my doll!!


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