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Posted on September 1st, 2007 by maitreya. Filed under Knitting.

I think I might give up on knitting. I am just not very good at it. Maybe if I knew how to fix mistakes more easily it would be less frustrating. I was trying to do the Chevron Scarf from Last Minute Knitted Gifts, which totes has “last minute” in its name and the pattern is simple, but there is something about the knit-in-front-and-back step that I mess up at least once a row. I’ve watched all the little videos and I think I’m doing it right, but I must be twisting a loop or something, because I every once in a while get extra stitches. Then I can’t figure out how to fix it and end up unraveling the whole thing. Anybody know a good equivalent crochet pattern?

It’s a shame too because I really wanted to use my pretty vintage knitting needles I got in Australia.

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  1. k a t Says:

    You should try going into a local yarn store and asking for some in person help.

    I work in one in Seattle and we routinely help people fix things or learn a new technique. Regardless of whether or not they are regular customers or if they bought the yarn from us. If they are in the store we will help them. Especially if they are willing to wait when there are other customers in the store.

    It sounds like you may be doing the knitting part right but forgetting to decrease consistently? It’s hard to tell from where I’m sitting. :)

    Crochet is great, but I hope you won’t give up on knitting. Good luck.

  2. TheKnittingBee Says:

    It sounds like you’re making a yarn over when you do the knit-into-front-and-back thing. You need to keep the yarn at the back of the work while you complete the knit-into-front-and-back stitch.

    Of course, I might be totally wrong, but that was my first thought when I read it!

  3. dorie Says:

    I love that book, but I’ve always thought it should have a subtitle something like, “If you have been actively knitting for the past five years and probably belong to a guild”. Maybe that’s just implied.

    I’m with kat, maybe your LYS could help?

  4. suzee Says:

    Don’t give up! Just think of how proud and competent you’ll feel when you figure it out!

    (And I agree with all the above comments, especially kat – an unintentional yarn over was also my first thought).

    Keep crafting!

  5. anina Says:

    Don’t give up! Knitting is such fun. I agree with some other posters – go the the local yarn store with the pattern in hand and ask them to show you.

  6. pixie Says:

    i like knitting because it’s a challange, it never came easy to me like it does some people. Now I am very proud when I can knit without a row counter or stitch markers (I don’t knit lace, I would need those for lace) and that I can “read” my stitches and drop down and fix mistakes, it takes longer for some people ya know for it to click, but give it time and it will!

  7. karrie Says:

    When I read your post, I thought the same thing as TheKnittingBee. One option might be to just use a different type of increase that you find easier…. You could knit a little swatch and try different tyoes of m1, and I bet they will look fine.

    Good luck!

  8. robyn Says:

    if you want to translate it to crochet, just do a SC for every knit stich. and crochet two together or SC two in one stitch for the “knit two together” and “knit front and back” parts, and it’ll end up about the same.

    probably will look a little different, but not enough to matter, really. it’ll still have the same patterning and drape to it.

  9. Heidi Says:

    Don’t give up! I’d start with a simpler pattern, too. Or get help in person.

  10. chase Says:

    I know exactly how you feel; I’ve tried to learn to knit 3 times and I just can’t do it. I picked up crochet so quickly and I thought knitting would be a breeze too and boy was I wrong! Anywho, there’s a nice chevron scarf pattern in a book called Ready Set Crochet, one of the first crochet books I ever got, and it’s pretty cheap on amazon, even in stores. If you want a free chevron scarf pattern tohugh, maybe pop over to http://www.crochetpatterncentral.com , they have everything! Hope that helps!

  11. Melissa Says:

    I know how you feel in a way – I have tried to knit in the past but crochet is so easy!! and fun!! and easy to fix!! – upon noticing how much more yarn crochet uses thoe I decided last week to give knitting another shot – fingers crossed!!

  12. Steven Says:

    Ok, I have to agree with almost everyone and say first thought was yarn over. You can also run dental floss along every few rows with your stitches. That way if you make a mistake and have to frog it, you can just pick up the live stitches with the dental floss running through it.

  13. supa Says:

    I’m a rookie knitter, too, and just checked out a book from the library that’s been pretty useful: The Knitting Answer Book, by Margaret Radcliffe. Pretty much everything the title implies: you look up your question, and she explains what you’re doing wrong, or what-have-you.

    I just finished the mini sweater pattern from last-minute knitting and, though it’s wonky, i’m glad I was able to make something other than a stockinette-stitch scarf.

  14. Vanessa Says:

    Like the others–don’t give up yet! I’m in the same boat, though. I’m basically a self-taught crocheter, but, even with a MIL who has written books on knitting and teaches it, I still have had a hard time with knitting. I can’t even knit a simple stockinette-stitch scarf without losing track of the count! But, I’m not giving up–yet. I realize that I LOVE the really detailed, fine-stitched sweaters and such, but I need to start with something MUCH simpler! I recently made a baby hat in a chunky yarn and it turned out just right, I think. Maybe try something faster and simpler, then come back to your current project?

  15. Cassie Says:

    How wierd…I can’t crochet to save my life but i can knit up a storm! You need a stitch and bitch lady…or a grandma :)


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