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Posted on March 8th, 2008 by maitreya. Filed under Toys (cat and kid).

I had this idea yesterday in lab and was instantly seized by a crazed need to make it. A bout of insomnia last night really helped move production along too. It’s for a baby shower next week; what to make for the child of a computer scientist and a bioinformaticist? A toy computer of course, lol. I chose the old school Mac design because 1. I’m an Apple fangirl 2. we had a whole lab of these (can’t remember if they were originals, plusses, or SEs) when I was in junior high, so they hold some nostalgia value for me (because, as usual, my crafted gifts are at least 50% about me me me), and 3. I am lazy and didn’t feel like making a separate monitor and CPU. I kind of wish I’d put a smily face on the screen instead of the applique apple logo, but not enough to go back and redo it.


The obligatory rainbow logo is hand embroidered.


I made the pattern up as I went along, so I’m super happy/pleasantly surprised that it looks like it did in my head.

Check it: plush PC with Windows Vista. There are a bunch of stuffed wii’s too, and this insane nintendo system with velcro screens to switch games. Is it bad that I have a design for a macbook on the brain now?

Oh, and just because the chupa would not leave the thing alone he deserves to be lolcatted:


23 Responses to “mac softie”

  1. futuregirl Says:

    I love the lolcat! Too cute! The softie computer is a great baby gift.

  2. Muralimanohar Says:

    I hate Macs with a passion, but that is still SO COOL!!!!

  3. radha Says:

    haha, nice lolcat

  4. Carrie Says:

    How clever! And your cat is adorable!

  5. Lisa Says:

    Love the computer…oh, and didn’t you receive the memo? We’re putting cover pages on all the TPS reports now!

  6. Courtney Says:

    really cute and clever, Maitreya.

  7. Stephanie Says:

    Great job! so cute

  8. Crystal Says:

    Oh my garsh!!!! I absolutely love this!! I remember playing black and white tetris on a mac just like that…ahhh the good ol’ days!!

  9. macgal Says:

    this is adorable and awesome! ….and I LOVE Macs! :D

  10. Elizabeth Says:

    Oh, gosh! My sisters and I had a Mac just like this (well, not stuffed, but you get the idea) when we were in Jr. High. So cute!

  11. kristena Says:

    This is so great! One of the best lolcats I’ve ever seen too. Thanks for sharing.

  12. Alli Says:

    This is possibly the greatest baby shower gift EVER. I love it!

  13. Rachael Rabbit Says:

    I really love it – it is very clever – I think leaving the smiley face off was a good move – fabulous gift!

  14. ellen Crimi-Trent Says:

    This is soo cool!! love it and what a fantastic idea too!! you should show it to Apple I am sure they would get a kick out of it!


  15. sharon Says:

    Hi!That’s so cool,a really great gift!!

  16. Wendy Says:

    That’s hilarious!! The baby’s parents are going to love it and they won’t be getting more than one, that’s for sure. Well done.

  17. Moira Says:

    AMAZING! I absolutely love it! Too cool.

  18. sandrine Says:

    absolutly fabulous !!!!!!!!! I like your ideas,
    Sandrine, a French girl from Paris.

  19. Paper Dolls for Boys Says:

    Okay, that’s the coolest baby shower gift EVAH. If I ever have another baby (fingers crossed for never again), I’m inviting you to the shower. Super cool!

  20. Jenny Says:

    I think that might be the coolest thing I’ve ever seen. I want one! Yay macs!

  21. Brenda Campbell Says:

    Love the Mac softie! I am a “Macgirl” too!
    Can’t believe you could do the Apple just in your head as you went along. You are “gifted”!!
    Hope you are making a macbook Air next, can’t wait.

  22. Tricia Says:

    Oh I just love that Mac. You are so talented. Can’t wait to the macbook you come up with. :)


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