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Posted on April 11th, 2008 by maitreya. Filed under Fun with Lab Supplies, Jewelry, Resin.

I’m moving to Seattle in a month, so one of the many things on the todo list is to use up all my unshippable resin. What a good idea for a craft night. :) Besides these ones, we also embedded buttons and coins, and I played around with layering colors with only slightly better results than last time. I’m mainly having trouble getting a flat first layer. Anyway, these are my favorites from the night:

My friend Matt embedded some bits from a circuit board. I like the LEDs best.


Another great model railroad figure one made by my friend Dannie. I love the composition.


Creepy little Mizna Wada girls from some stationery.


I really like these, colored with pastels and molded with a 96-well plate (finally found one flexible enough!) I have plans for necklaces and rings with these, if I can ever find any ring blanks I like.


These are some silver findings from a bead store. They have little holes on each side, which are too small for the resin to leak from; I didn’t think to put a headpin through the hole until I’d already poured in the resin. :P


8 Responses to “more resin”

  1. Alex Says:

    Congrats on the new job! :)

  2. katie pedersen Says:

    Yeah!! More crafty people to Seattle! You’ll love it here.

  3. fert Says:

    hmm… don’t check someone’s blog for a bit and get surprised that they’re moving to the city you live in… anywho… if you have a desire to meet another knitting biologist, drop me a line :)

  4. muralimanohar Says:

    Wow…those faces are creeeeepy! :-o You are the second person in a little while to blog resin..my source panned out the first time, but I think it’s time to give another try finding i! :D

  5. lisa s Says:

    wow. i really want to play with resin.

    you must make rings from those things. i want one!!!

  6. Colleen Says:

    Alright! welcome too the hood, seattles a cool place to be.

  7. Yona Says:

    You did some nice new stuff!
    I wanted to let you know that apparently you can use a hot-tool for woodburning to drill the resin. I will put other interesting videos about resin in my blog.
    Go and see the video I added in my blog so far here:

    And here:


  8. Yona Says:

    The download with the english translation is too much long, so I put the links to videos from my french blog here:




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