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Posted on May 19th, 2008 by maitreya. Filed under Jewelry, Resin.

I wasn’t kidding when I said I had half a container of resin to use up before moving. I’m going to drag out posting everything or else it’ll be a huuuge entry. Oh, and I am now living in Seattle, so any local peeps who might like to be craft friends, drop me an email. I have to say I’m liking the scene here so far; in 2 days, I’ve randomly stumbled on a big street/craft fair, a weaving supply store with a ton of roving and other goodies, and a quilting store with a reasonably good selection. Also, several indie designer shops.

I am upset to move away from my craft night buddies, though. I made resin jewelry as goodbye presents for everybody.

All scientists love graph paper. In fact, over dinner at the last craft night, we had an entire conversation comparing brands of engineer pads and lamenting the discontinuation of our favorite brand of rectangle-gridded paper (immortalized in resin on the bottom left). Very sad. The nonscientists in the bunch thought we were crazy. :P These were molded in a paint palette and then I dremel-drilled a hole in each one and added a jump ring to make necklaces. The ones with numbers are funny because some of them turned translucent in the resin so the numbers from the back show through and make little weird looking patterns (top row middle, for example).


These are more 96-well plate molded plugs. Amy had some great deep-well plates that I used for the larger ones. Tinted with pastels and also dremelled for necklaces. They look really cute on.


One of the plugs sanded down and glued into a bezel cup, then to a ring blank.


Other lab-related ones I didn’t give away:

Molded with part of the lid of a 96-well plate. You can even seen the little numbers embossed on the lids. I had a few other experiments with the lid, but they failed spectacularly. I like the effect enough that I’ll probably try it again, though. Looks like a lego, but it a little curved because of how I had it squished into the little mold.


Molded inside lab tubing. I am really eager to see how these look as bracelets and necklaces.


6 Responses to “sciencey resin jewelry”

  1. clunymph Says:

    wait, what? the bottom left? is it the stuff that’s rather sturdy, too??!! a-w dataform? i can’t believe it. now i’m definitely not going to do a post-doc ;p

    i’m glad you made it over there and already enjoying seattle.

  2. Michelle Says:

    Wow, who knew science stuff could look so incredibly chic? Well, I guess *you* did. I totally thought that green block was a Lego. Your resin jewels are so beautiful I’m desperately trying to resist the siren call of the New Project to Get Into. Especially since it requires a lot of new materials I probably afford and definitely don’t have room for! But you make it look so so so very tempting.

  3. Kat Says:

    Welcome to Seattle!

    I’m going to guess you went to the U-district street fair and Weaving Works?

    I work at Hilltop Yarn, a little shop on Queen Anne. If you need to know where the knit nights are I can let you know, or I guess you can find us all on ravelry.

    May I ask what neighborhood you’ve moved to?

    Kat on Capitol Hill

  4. Nicole Says:

    I like the top ones best. I think the would be great as buttons.

  5. Mymsie Says:

    Love that ring!

  6. Jean Cook Says:

    Anyone find an acceptable replacement for the Dataform pads? My lab will go into a crisis when the last one is used up…


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