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Posted on October 11th, 2008 by maitreya. Filed under Home and Garden.

Our mattress is still on the metal frame it came with pending finding a bed frame/head board we like. Since that hasn’t happened yet, I thought it might be fun to try some of the wall decals from blik as a temporary and renter-friendly solution. I got the Boy in the Weeds pattern from Threadless, which I also happen to own in T-shirt form. The stickers were a giant pain to put up: instead of coming already assembled into the design, I had to cut every one of them apart and stick them up individually, using a level to keep them all straight. It took me and Mark most of the afternoon. But, they look pretty good, if I do say so myself.

Maybe I’ll try these doily ones next.  I have a big blank space behind the door in my office.  Hmmmm.

12 Responses to “sticker headboard”

  1. geek+nerd Says:

    Looks cool! I’m totally with you on the mattress still on frame thing…

  2. James Says:

    These look really cool! Have you seen these similar ones from DecoSticks Wall Stickers? They have a number of headboard designs. Specially floral flock pattern – my favorite!


  3. Jen Lownie Says:

    Love the idea – would probably hate the fuss. And before I really looked at what the graphic was, the first thing my (sleepy sunday afternoon) brain thought of was the differing levels in a cityscape.

    Which made me think, *anything* could serve as the “blocks” of a cityscape – and (if it was paper) could be applied to the wall (possibly) with flour/water (“wallpaper paste”) and then removed later. Will have to try something like that unobtrusively (where I won’t hate it if I mess up).

    I think you are going to be sparking alot of ideas in my head. Super!

  4. Ashlee Says:

    brilliant idea. i too have a currently headboard-less bed.

    lovely blog.

  5. Becket Says:

    M – it looks wonderful! I can only imagine the effort that went into each one up on the wall!

  6. laurie Says:

    No doubt, it looks fabulous!

  7. Roberto Says:

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  8. Rachael Rabbit Says:

    oh it looks lovely …. time well spent I think.

  9. Katy Says:

    I just love the idea of these wall decals. I’ve already found some cute bird decals for my staircase.


  10. Gretchen Skovron Says:

    This looks awesome!!!

  11. Jane Says:

    I love wall decals! My favourite here this sticker http://www.cdecal.com/product/53/

  12. Kurt Janelle Says:

    Great stuff! Your articles are awesome! Thanks so much


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