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Posted on January 9th, 2009 by maitreya. Filed under Crafty Review, Resin.

If craftlog resolution #1 was more inspiration posts, craftlog resolution #2 is resume book reviews.  (p.s. I’m still looking for library-website-creating tools if anybody can recommend one.)

I’m collecting ideas before I buy another container of resin.  It goes bad in 6 months, so I have to accumulate enough ideas and motivation to use it all up in a timely manner.  Besides trawling the web for inspiration (i.e. the jewelry section on my shoplinks page), I’ve been looking for good books.  The Seattle library system has a weird selection mostly consisting of manuals for molding resin grapes for your ’70s coffee table, so that was a dead end.  These 2 that I’ve bought are pretty good, though.

My favorite book is Sherri Haab‘s The Art of Resin Jewelry.  It’s got a nice variety of easy projects and a good introduction section with techniques. This is definitely the better introduction-level book since there are projects I could do right away without special molds or equipment.  The style is also great, very modern and fun with only a few really ugly ones (hello polymer clay sparkle flowers, ugh).  The projects lend themselves to customization, too (i.e., embedding patterned paper).

The Art of Jewelry: Plastic and Resin by Debra Adelson is more advanced.  There is an intro section explaining techniques, but when it comes to the projects, they are more complex than in the other book, and there’s not a lot of detailed direction.  It’ll just say something like “use the carbide burr to shape the ring.”  Um, ok?  I guess once you know your way around the saws and files and dremel tools it’s pretty obvious what you’re supposed to do, but it makes the projects definitely more intimidating for a beginner.  The projects are generally pretty cool, though, and it’s a great book to start building skills beyond the basic poured resin projects.  I bought the book for the “resin” part of the title, but the “plastic” projects are neat too, especially the acrylic ones.  I definitely want to get some acrylic to play with.  Seems like the easier way to get comfortable with my jeweler’s saw.  The book also has a nice variety of gallery projects from artists.

One problem with all the resin books is that there are several types of resin and it gets confusing and overwhelming for a beginner because the books try to cover everything.  Instead of trying to figure out the best one to use, I ended up just finally going with whatever resin crossed my path first (thanks Ariel!), and then looked at just that section of instructions.

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