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Posted on May 12th, 2009 by maitreya. Filed under Inspiration, Wants.

Took these photos last week on my last walk to work from my old house.  It’s on the 20th Ave bridge across Ravenna Park, if any locals are interested.  It’s like a giant doily!  I like how you can see the green registration marks, a little clue as to how they must’ve created it.



I also saw some knitted graffiti on a bench in the U District the other day, but it was disappointingly poorly executed, so I didn’t take a picture.  Still cool though.

11 Responses to “lace graffiti”

  1. Valentina Says:

    They are called “Kolam” and are from south India: women (only women, not men) trace them to protect their homes. Look at this information: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Kolam

    p.s. sorry for my poor english!

    Valentina from Italy

  2. lisa s Says:

    love love love

  3. Chauncey P. Graham Says:

    I totally love it. What a great idea!

  4. gkgirl Says:

    look at the work in that…

  5. tracey Says:

    quality, I like this, I saw something like this on http://www.hire-a-graffiti-artist.co.uk

  6. Berceste Says:

    Look like blackwork on the street!

  7. kabini Says:

    thats not actually graffiti, its painted on the courtyard floors in houses accross india. its called kollam, rangoli, alpana etc depending on whichever part of the country.
    its usually painted during religious celebrations or festivals, though some houses do paint it every day.


  8. Tricia R. Says:

    Oh my goodness. That is beautiful.

  9. maitreya Says:

    kabini, I mean graffiti in the sense that it was spray-painted in a public park. :)

  10. Jordan Bergey Says:

    Now THAT IS what I’d deem an insightful take on things. What I would suggest though is speaking to other people involved in the scene and bring to day any other points of view and then update or create a new post for us to . Hopefully you’ll take my advice, I’m looking forward to it! Try to cover off on some graffiti characters as well if possible, they’re everywhere at the moment.


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