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Posted on March 18th, 2010 by maitreya. Filed under Crochet.

I have gotten into a really bad habit of being on the computer all the time.  I’ve cut down some the last couple of weeks, but my new brilliant idea is to replace one habit with another.  That makes sense, right?  The habit has to be mindless, like the internet, and compatible with TV-watching.  So I’m going to crochet an afghan.  I very specifically remember a zigzag afghan my grandma crocheted, so I’m going to make a ripple one to remind me of her.  I’m using Attic24’s tutorial since it seems to be a blog favorite and has nice gentle, even ripples.  Last night, I went through the entire ripple-along archives to get ideas for color combinations.  (Ha, it appears that having a cat in your photo predisposes me to like to color scheme.)  This one in kind of southwest colors was my favorite, but I had no luck at 2 yarn stores finding a similar palette.  Or, I should say, yarn I was willing to pay that much for.  Good lord yarn is expensive.

I like the subtlety of this one.  In fact, it’s a little too subtle.  This vintage one is getting closer; it’s got the brown ombre going on, but also a lot of great color to balance it.  Again, I wasn’t able to find a good set of yarns.  This one and this other one have kind of similar themes, and that settled it:  grays with a tomato red accent.  I’ve also been obsessed with tomato soup this week so I’ve got that color on the brain :P


You can see the cat approves.  I’m using Lion Wool-Ease because it’s 1. cheap (and on sale today, it so happened) 2. unlikely to be discontinued in the zillion years it will take me to finish this project 3. good colors 4. wool/acrylic blend, so it balances the scratchy with the squeaky 5. worsted weight so it’s not too thick but progress should be reasonable 6. seems to hold together well so it won’t be a pain to crochet.

I’m swatching now!

2 Responses to “afghan plan”

  1. futuregirl Says:

    Excited to see your progress! Yay! Love the colors you picked. :)

  2. lisa Says:

    This is some of my favorite yarn. I have used it a dozen times. Especially that darker gray. Can’t wait to see your finished project!


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