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Posted on March 30th, 2010 by maitreya. Filed under Paper Crafts.

I’m trying to improve my eating habits.  For one thing, I’m making a conscious effort to eat mostly vegetarian.  The second thing is to cook dinner more often.  I joke that I usually “assemble” dinner because I have a bad tendency to rely on fast processed foods, plus we eat out entirely too much.  So, cooking more dinners is the goal.  I’m also packing my lunch more frequently.

I think the main problem I have, besides simple laziness, is lack of planning.  I get home, poke around in the fridge, and try to cobble something together.  So, the two part solution is 1. write down and post in the kitchen what we’re going to eat each night using the fabulous printable meal planners from futuregirl and ollibird (any other cute ones out there I should put in rotation? ETA: found another one from A Print a Day) and 2. keep a flip book of dinner ideas.  It reminds me of meal ideas and where each recipe lives, and lists the major ingredients for reference when making the shopping list or at the store.


The covers are nice double-sided card stock + a pretty label that Becket got me a while back.  The pages are my old business cards.  The extended plan is to perhaps pull a Crafterall and cover up the wording, but we shall see if I ever get that far.  One design inspiration is the mini meal planners (example) briones & co used to sell, but the ring idea did not seem as compatible with my very jumbled bag as a simple clip does.  I’m going to make another packet with fishy ideas and another with meaty ideas for whenever I lapse.

ETA: more flip books


4 Responses to “flip book dinner planner”

  1. Marleah Says:

    That is super cute! I love how the clip corresponds. Re: eating – as a vegan, I totally support your veg-aspirations! Sometimes people don’t realize that it does them (and the world) good just to have one or two meals a week that are vegetarian. Also wanted to point out – the No S diet (www.nosdiet.com) is simply amazing. The focus isn’t so much on what you eat – it’s more about portion control, and there are built-in treat days. You might want to check it out! :)

  2. Becket Says:

    The biggest help in meal-planning for us has been to plan all the meals of the week every weekend and do the shopping all at once. We’ve been doing this for years (we’re going on 8+!!) and it’s really kept us from spending $ going out, throwing food away, and eating food that is not particularly good for us. it’s a hard habit at first, but then you get used to it!

  3. Radha Says:

    We (meaning Stephen) plan two dinners for the week (one to eat on Mon, Wed, and Fri; and one to eat on Tue, Thurs, and Sat) and then cook one + extras on Monday, and the other + extras on Tuesday. Lately I think we’ve cut back to only 2 days of each meal, and then eating out or have a frozen pizza or something on the other 2 days, but it still only involves 2 days of cooking. Sunday we do dinner night with another couple- alternating whose house we’re at.

  4. futuregirl Says:

    Yay! We definitely need a system for recipes/ideas. I like the cards …


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